Payments tab

What is the point of the add new contact tab ?? U can’t add a contact to Ur MOnzo account so I don’t understand why it’s there

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does anyone no why we can add a contact and what is the point of it

I’m on iOS.

Do you mean the button? I don’t see a ‘add new contact tab’ just a little button next to the search to ‘Add Contact’.

I clicked it, and added a contact.

The contact was added to my iOS Contacts list (app).

Maybe it’s a useful addition if you want are sending/receiving money from someone and don’t have their details. Easy to add them so you have their info for the future?

Unless I’m missing something, that would seem to be the entire point of an ‘Add contact’ function.

y do u need it , when can add a contact direct on your phone , it doesn make sense.

y I would have to go to the monzo app click add contact icon to add someone instead of my contact app

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I’m guessing the thinking is if you are ALREADY IN MONZO, this is a shortcut to be helpful.

why don’t they just add a little area on to add a contact and also add there bank details too


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