Question about the friend feature/list

Just signed up, waiting for my card to arrive, very excited to set everything else up etc…

I naturally gave the friend feature a try as it sounded great, to my horror I saw a lot of people and faces I absolutely do not want to see this often.

Now it seems that there is no way to manage the friend list so I disabled it for now (as I still need to keep some info in my phone’s address book) - generally speaking, more than 80% on that list, I don’t ever see myself exchanging money with so it’d be neat to choose our favs and be done with it.

As such the question is: anybody knows if Monzo is actively working on implementing more control over this?

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My very limited understanding is that Monzo would like to work on payee management soon. I’m not sure whether that would solve your problem. I imagine they might enable you to add your entire friends list and then manually delete individuals? This functionality certainly doesn’t exist at the moment.

If just seeing the contacts is triggering in some way, it may be of some comfort to learn that once you are using the account regularly, “recents” and “favourites” will cause “all” contacts to drop off the bottom so you’d have to actively scroll to see them.

Alternatively, I don’t know how the friends feature works, but if you have a spare SIM card you could experiment with backing up your list to that and copying over only the contacts you want to your phone and see if that works? I’m not technical, so I’ve no idea if it would.

Thank you for your reply!

If you have it disabled, can you still manually add payees and they stay in that contact list afterwards because I’d be happy with this?

I’ve not tried it, but I assume that is how it works. That is how it works with payees not in my contacts.

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Yes, that’s the way it’s designed.

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Ok thank you! Thats good to hear!