Contacts - Slimming down the list

What plans are there with the ‘Contact’ tab within the app?

I only want to see people I’m actually friends with there. At the moment, I see my entire contact list, with around 15 Monzo users at the top.

I’d like to not see my entire contact list, but more specifically - hide people. I have a backup copy of my work address book on my personal iPhone, and get I jarred by seeing professional contacts in what is essentially a “private life” app (especially when on holiday!).


@tomsr is that the same as only wanting to see people who use monzo rather than seeing the whole contact list?

if so then i’d agree with @tomsr sentiments. i would rather only see contacts who use monzo than my entire contacts list.

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Yes, it’s both… Not very eloquently put in my original post…

A) Only show Monzo contacts
B) Hide Monzo contacts that aren’t relevant to me

Yeah, I had same concerns recently. As more and more people show up with Monzo, I had a ‘who is this person?’ recently. Some people associated their phones with work email, they still appear on company’s contacts, but they left company 3 years ago. I even got one person that I didn’t even know, had to google them to make the link. :confused:

I think I would like to switch it up. Right now, Monzo making connections for me. I would prefer the other way around, I have to actively choose/whitelist contacts first, in order to get other person shown (and for the other person to see me). Think of it like swiping right on Tinder? :wink:


@tomsr if im not mistaken, you monzo contact would be unique to your contact list. so only those in your contact list that have a monzo account would be exclusive to you.
i’m not sure why you’d have monzo contact unique to you

unless you have contacts that you share with your partner

i get the feeling it would be down to managing you contact list

i have contacts from yonks ago that ive failed to delete for whatever reason, yet they appear as a monzo user

When I say relevant, I mean in terms of choice. This isn’t about shared contact lists, it’s about who I want to see. I don’t want to see work contacts.

Can’t slim down contacts as they are all current.

ahh i see…

my bad.

There is also the issue of other Monzo users seeing you as a Monzo user in their contact list. There may be personal or professional reasons why you might not want to be highlighted in their list.


That’s why you have the option to enable / disable payments with friends in your settings.

Which is great. It’s just not a lot of control. I want it enabled but also want some control over what I see. Not really bothered if people have me in their lists or not.


Sounds good. There’s a few edge cases that haven’t been covered by the suggestions so far. I won’t break those down or offer suggestions though as I think your use case is pretty clear & Monzo will figure out how to handle it. There’s no harm in making suggestions though, of course :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for flagging this :heart: I totally hear you.

When we started with the idea of the contact list we didn’t worry too much about this since, at that time, most of people had zero, one or two contacts in Monzo. So, yeah, it was one of those “let’s not worry about it until it becomes a problem”. And here we are, this is a problem now :wink:

There are a few ways we can solve it. I think the right solution would be around giving more importance to contacts that you’ve interacted with before or contacts that are around you or closer on your network… things like that so we don’t really need to ask you to manually “hide” people but we get to do it in a smart way. But I don’t know yet, we’ll think about it and try to give a nice solution so you don’t need to see your professional contacts crossing the frontier of your personal life :innocent:


Wonderful! The crux of what I was trying to get at in the first place, summed up perfectly.

Thanks for the update!



happy days…

I was discussing the stats with Tom yesterday, and how the average Monzo user now will have way more people in their Monzo Contacts even compared to a few months ago.

This raises some challenges - as above - that we are obviously going to look into solving in the best possible way, but it presents some interesting opportunities too! I quite like the idea of setting a custom emoji for each contact :grinning:


I have 8 contacts using Monzo and another 4 or 5 that don’t appear on my list that presumably haven’t enabled payments to others yet :slight_smile:

  • one question why aren’t they in alphabetical order - are they in most paid order ? the easiest way to find a contact is surely alphabetical
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You say that but I only have two Monzo users in my contacts out of 35. Most of my contacts simply aren’t interested in Monzo at present

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@hugo I have fairly big expectations regarding privacy, going as far as the fact I’m not even sure I’d want other people to know I have Monzo (just because they have Monzo too and we happen to have phones exchanged).
That was one of the things I hugely dislike in Whatsapp, although in whatsapp it’s a lot more annoying/accessible to approach someone. However, message + 1p transfer is quite accessible too.

So for me it’s not about showing ‘less’ contacts, because that could be done with just ‘show starred/favourited contacts first’ (like skype does and ton of other apps).
I would like to exclude certain google accounts from Monzo, my work gmail account feeds 700 contacts, many with phone numbers. That would be a huge help already and probably useful in de-work-ifying contacts. :slight_smile:

Finishing touches - block people. If they are blocked, they don’t see I’m on Monzo and they can’t bother me.

Overall, I expect Monzo to be not that different than normal bank in this particular aspect. No one can get my bank account details or pay me money, unless I specifically share them. I can see how contacts appearing as Monzo users can be beneficial for Monzo (fame and publicity), but it has no benefit for privacy freaks. Why would Monzo insist on functionality that is unwanted by privacy freaks? I don’t mind it being enabled by default as it definitely wouldn’t bother most people, but giving option to resign and use only manual, granular contact whitelisting would be an ideal solution for me.

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Spoke to Monzo today because my husband wasn’t happy that all his phone contacts who had Monzo came up as a possible contact to pay. Some of these contacts are acquaintances from his business who he will never make a payment to and doesn’t feel it appropriate to have them as banking contacts. Monzo said as it stands there is no facility to delete specific contacts, only disable making payments. They suggested I write on this forum to see if others felt the same.