Somebody has been (poorly) pranking Monzo with URLs

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regarding somebody who has been (poorly) pranking Monzo with URLs


This is not strictly media but I just noticed that redirects to Starling :joy:


Well only www. does, so not the most expertise in parts web ever seen!


Expertise enough to have signed up to WhoisGuard protection, so no-one can see that it’s Anne. :shushing_face: :sweat_smile:


Yeah when I click on the that link it doesn’t work unless I press refresh. I assumed that’s a discourse thing

Seems rather childish on their part though (starling not discourse)

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Nah, they’ve just not set up the right redirection on their domain service. I’m no expert on these things (I’m all C++ and embedded programming and the like!), but it’s literally a set of radio buttons if you use Google Domains like I do. Privacy protection was a default as well

I suspect someone with even less web skills than I did so, but then it’s not exactly a high brow message. It’s very likely nothing at all to do with anyone at Starling, but they really muddied the waters by staging such a prank once back in the day


Anne is definitely up to something here :thinking:

Reference for anyone who hasn’t heard this story before:


Thats a good story that

It’s not Starling

Starling didn’t do this



Please elaborate on how you know this

This is becoming very interesting

Perhaps I should move this out to a new topic?

This isn’t really on topic now, amusing though it is

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Thanks for giving this a new home @SouthseaOne. Now, time to get the thinking hat on. Who is behind these pranks :tophat:. Is it Anne, or is it not :thinking:

Someone needs to buy


Yours for £10 a year, though maybe Monzo should snap it up first

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The good news is, is currently available… So… That’s a thing

Of course it’s nothing to do with Starling. Ridiculous to even entertain the idea.