Somebody has been (poorly) pranking Monzo with URLs

The good news is, is currently available… So… That’s a thing

Of course it’s nothing to do with Starling. Ridiculous to even entertain the idea.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t even matter :joy:

I blame aliens though :alien:


Maybe @Monzosaurusrex can, s/he seems to really like Monzo (I know it’s a play on the Tyrannosaurus rex)

Okay who beat me to this domain?!

I’m about 6 hours too late to discovering this thread. :sob:


I doubt it was E.T. He likes to use the phone and we all know CS does not like answering the phone :joy::joy::joy:


Missed my chance 10 hours ago :joy:

Loving the GIF that it has been directed towards though

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I’m just surprised watchdog didn’t buy it with their cover last year.


It’s just not what they do

So you joined to tell us that?

Very kind of you.


That’s funny :laughing:

I’m not 100% convinced it’s Starling either except for the fact that they have done this before

Surely if it was Starling they would stump up the ‘big bucks’ and buys the domain :

It’s all very immature though. My guess is it’s just a disgruntled customer. I think a company like Starling would be more classy (Starling’s previous stunt at least showed a small amount of friendly banter rather than an all out immature attack)

(Also Monzo ought to bag that domain, as should any company bag their own brand. But I really don’t know why that TLD was ever approved to be honest as it’s inevitably only ever going to be used by hostile and angry customers…)

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I agree with this. Also, I don’t think any company would want to risk finding themselves in hot water over a silly website

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Yep. I’m no expert in PR but a company making a true statement that another company ‘sucks’ either needs solid grounding (some kind of solid evidence that they really do ‘suck’) or otherwise it comes across as ridiculously childish. Might as well be ‘’ in that case.

I mean that would actually be far funnier…

I’m so glad I checked in again to find this enlightening answer.

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This thread has literally made my morning :sweat_smile:

Appears to redirect somewhere else now :eyes:

Edit: I’m talking about as opposed to

still goes to Starling for me :woman_shrugging:

Hm… for me it’s Fintech talk forum, not Starling