Someone grab the new domain name?


What happened here :scream:


The new domain is

(Matt) #3

How did they know?!
Just did a quick google search of ‘Monzo’ and Starling are already the top result. :confused:

(Majdi Mgaidia) #4

A whois search reveals that was registered on 21-Aug-2016

(Frank) #5

Another startup bank. Very much in bad taste. Very well played but bad taste.


(Sami Ristimäki) #6

Hopefully they will also get

(Luke Fisher) #7

.com is more recognised globally than

Monzo has a greater opportunity to go global :grin:

(James Smith) #8

Blimey, some spying gone on there

(Peter ) #9

Damn - cyber squatting at its worst, eh.

A cursory look at this Starling outfit suggests that they’ve not launched anything, perhaps too busy with internet sass :rolling_eyes:

(Kal Mba) #10

Poor show from starling

(james_e_bell) #11

Bit of a low move by Starling I think - should be trying to compete on value not on buying out domain names!

For those who don’t know, Monzo and Starling have history:

(John) #12

So Starling is all bark and no bite? How did they register it on the 21st though? Interesting.

(Edouard) #13

It was quite obvious what would be the new name if you did some research. And so Starling tried to use Mondo’s renaming to attract some attention… so if I understand correctly they bought many domain names before Mondo…

(Jonathon) #15


Monzo will get big.

Then we’ll just buy the buggers :wink:

(Edouard) #17

Let’s just all click on the link all day long so they spend all their marketing budget :smiling_imp:

(Ed) #18

A lot of negativity vis-a-vis Starling, but we want competition in the new banking sector don’t we? Better for us as customers.

Someone probably should have paid a few quid for immediately after the meeting in which Monzo was decided upon to be fair.

(Jonathon) #20

Seems like Starling will auction it off for charity and match the donation (presumably Monzo will buy this…) so it’s just a bit of banter.

But also a boo-boo on Monzo’s side.

(Ed) #21

To my mind there are greater sins than opportunistic marketing, and the door was left open to them by the fact the domain was left available. I read that the competitor who shall remain nameless plan to auction it off the domain for charity and match the resulting donation, it’s all just harmless fun.