Googling “Monzo community” = top result is a sponsored ad for Starling bank

I wonder if there’s a way to top that and get a Monzo ad there instead? Seems annoying a competitor gets top spot when specifically googling a company

Same happened to me when I just googled Monzo…

Starling have paid for it to be that way, not much Monzo can do unless they pay a higher amount to be on top, which I think they’ve said before they don’t often do as it’s unnecessary / doesn’t have much benefit.


By the time they have Googled the term Monzo the journey is already most of the way there :wink:


I’d be intrigued to see a study on whether ads there are actually effective. I.E. whether people actually look at them, or gloss over and go straight to the first non-advert result… I know I’m the latter :smiley:


Trying to put myself in last year’s shoes, when I searched for Monzo for the first time, having been told by a friend, not sure that I would have clicked a sponsored link for N26 or Starling or whoever is sponsoring Monzo searches this week

Now if I was buying some Nike trainers then maybe, but a specifically named bank?

The less computer-savvy users will click the first result for a search regardless of what it says :expressionless: That’s the whole basis of how scam sites charging for free services (“No, it’s legit, you’re paying for us to check your details before submitting them for you, honest guv”) work. The number of people I’ve helped apply for EHIC cards and have had some form of “Google EHIC, not scroll- no, don’t click that, it’s not the right- alright, OK, you need to go back to the Google results. Really, trust me…” conversation :man_facepalming:


It’s fairly standard I get N26 when I look up monzo, and tide when I look up starling.

Google is an advertising company first, not a search engine, not an email service. They’re an ad company.


That Anne woman at Starling has a massive massive chip on her shoulders regarding Tom Blomfeld and Monzo

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Usually I’ll just gloss over them if I’m looking for a specific site,

But I’ll pay attention to the ads when I’m researching a new service to see who are the competitors are.

It’s great because it would show solutions you wouldn’t have heard of which may be better.

Aren’t those types of ad’s PPC if so just keep clicking the link :joy_cat:


I don’t see the connection?

Tom used to work at Starling. Starling also hijacked a similar domain to Monzo a while ago that just advertised Starling.

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I think you’ll find advertising is just that, advertising.

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Nice try, Starling !

I think we all know what advertising is. Maybe Anne has a say in the budget lol

I never said anything different.

Unfortunately that’s how Google works, it’s not far from a protection racket:

DuckDuckGo is a great alternative that I’ve used for years (with a lot of great power-user search features if you dig a little).


Have ya’ll never heard of ad block? I never see these ads…

This was on mobile. Never had luck with the iOS ad blockers so don’t bother. Usually hit a site and I’d it’s riddled with ads j just hit reader mode