Solve the Bulgarian POS and ATM "Invalid card" issue by contacting Borica

(Stefan Blaginov) #1

Can you please get in touch with Borica – the card service provider that lots of Bulgarian banks are using, so that the “Invalid card” error when people are trying to pay is resolved (this has been mentioned at length in the “Monzo in Bulgaria” thread).

You can contact them at More info on the organisation at


(Naji Esiri) #2

Thanks Stefan, I’ve forwarded this to the payments team so they can add to the to do list! Appreciate you sharing the contact too :pray:

(Louis Cox) #3

Hey Stefan!

Thanks for bringing this up again. I had contacted them a few weeks ago but didn’t hear anything back. I chased them up yesterday after Naji showed me your post.

They have confirmed that our BIN (Bank Identification Number - the first 6 digits of your long card number which identifies your card as a Monzo card) has been loaded on their systems since 31/01/2018.

Hopefully, this means the issue has been resolved. Have you been experiencing problems in Bulgaria since then?