Solve the Bulgarian POS and ATM "Invalid card" issue by contacting Borica

Can you please get in touch with Borica – the card service provider that lots of Bulgarian banks are using, so that the “Invalid card” error when people are trying to pay is resolved (this has been mentioned at length in the “Monzo in Bulgaria” thread).

You can contact them at More info on the organisation at



Thanks Stefan, I’ve forwarded this to the payments team so they can add to the to do list! Appreciate you sharing the contact too :pray:


Hey Stefan!

Thanks for bringing this up again. I had contacted them a few weeks ago but didn’t hear anything back. I chased them up yesterday after Naji showed me your post.

They have confirmed that our BIN (Bank Identification Number - the first 6 digits of your long card number which identifies your card as a Monzo card) has been loaded on their systems since 31/01/2018.

Hopefully, this means the issue has been resolved. Have you been experiencing problems in Bulgaria since then?


Dear Louis, @Louis.cox @Naji

When using Apple Pay Monzo I get the same error invalid card, is there a chance via Apple pay there is a different version of the BIN which is again blocked/not whitelisted by BORICA? (as I know Apple pay is generating a different number of a card when using). On some POS it is working but on these with BORICA again the same error?

This is STILL an issue? How is Mastercard still letting these people be a member… Sigh

Hey Vebaev!

Thanks for highlighting this. Apple Pay does use a different BIN, so that could well be the issue. Do you know if Apple Pay works with other cards on these BORICA POS terminals?

I will reach out again to try and get this resolved.

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Hi, @Louis.cox

Thanks for the reply, I have N26 and probably they have the same issue, Apple Pay worked exactly on these POS which are not operated by BORICA. It will be great if you reach out to them and supply the BIN. After that, I can try again and give you feedback!

Thanks! I have just reached out an will keep you updated :+1:

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Great! Looking forward to any updates :slight_smile:

@Louis.cox do you know the timetable or how long it should take for them to update BINs?

Why is Mastercard even allowing this? Mastercard AID? Route to Mastercard. End of story.

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I also wonder…That local company is a complete monopolist and very few banks POS are using their own card centers (mainly several foreign banks), all other using BORICA which I think have no alternative and own the market for ages :frowning: so most new fintech companies have problems in acceptance.

PS. did I mention also my Curve card is not working for the same reason probably :slight_smile:

Nothing in the way of timelines yet. To be fair, they were more responsive than most acquirers last time we reached out, so fingers crossed!


It’s good they’re responsive but does Mastercard even allow this kind of whitelist based routing in the first place?

I think they can for security reasons, ensuring they only allow transactions from institutions that have been verified. Which is absolutely fine, as long as they keep their systems up to date with the latest verified BINs.

Mastercard do reach out to acquirers who fail to do so, but we often find it’s quicker to get in touch ourselves.

Hi @Louis.cox,

did BORICA reply after your request, so I can try again and see if this was the issue?

No updates yet, but I have just chased them up for you!


@Louis.cox any reply from BORICA since the passed month?

Unfortunately not :disappointed: Are you are still having issues?

I do not know, I can check on my next travel next week.

Let’s hope this one is sorted for the holidays, when I give it a test too :shopping: :snowflake: :skier: