Bank of Cyprus


Tried to send money from Monzo to Bank of Cyprus. It says the account number is invalid. They definitely accept faster payments though and transfers from them to Monzo work fine.

Anyone else use them?

(Tom ) #2

My salary comes in from BOC, but I’ve never paid money to BOC.


I just have a savings account with them. I change my linked account to Monzo and did a test withdrawal which came through within 10 minutes, but it won’t let me send any money back :expressionless:

(Hugh Wells) #4

Hmm, this sounds very weird - sorry about the trouble :sweat:

What is the sort code?


Thanks for replying. It’s been sorted though.

Turned out when I got a new card delivered they had changed my PIN without me knowing. So I was actually entering the wrong PIN when trying the transfer.

I found out in the pub last night, but managed to get it revealed in-app after a short video message.

Might be worth reporting it as a bug though. It didn’t tell me I entered a wrong PIN when trying the transfer, just that I had entered an incorrect account number. If it had told me about the PIN then I would have realised a lot sooner! (I’m using Android beta)