So.... the new :Apple: stuff announced today (Poll)

Keep an eye on the Apple Refurbished store. iPad Pro 11 has just appeared today so suspect it won’t be long before Watch Series 4 does.

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I’m still happy with my Xs it’s just under a year old so no point replacing it as it doesn’t have a single scratch.
What I do plan on getting is a Apple Watch as I have never had one before but unsure on which model

With the price increases, not a hope. My XS will do me fine.

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Phone-wise, I’ll probably stick with my X for a while. Pretty happy with it.

My XR is still perfect for me. I am thinking about a new Apple Watch though, and also a new iPad.

Got the iPhone 7 and upgrade is due so think I am going to reach for the iPhone 11, the new green colour has my name all over it. Let’s just hope the prices aren’t too steep come Friday.

After seeing the slight dip in the 11 pricing I had hope they would go up yet again on the premium models.

I was wrong.

So this is a thing… Anyone here have trypophobia?

Waiting for the Google Pixel 4 XL


That’s a lot of none

Someone pointed out that Siri was not mentioned once during the Apple event.

That is very telling, especially as Google continues to dominate with Google Assistant and Amazon continue to pour a lot of resources into their Echo devices.


Upgrading my iPhone XS Max to iPhone Pro 11 Max, holding on to Series 4 SS for now (Xmas treat?!). Also, saving up for MBP 16" if it’s released next month!!

Perfectly happy with my iPhone 7. Will do me for another couple of years and then I’ll buy a second hand one again

I do think the 11 looks like a fantastic phone and even better that it’s got a slight price drop. I guess Apple have found the limits of their pricing.

I’m still happy with my 7 Plus but if I was upgrading I’d struggle to justify the Pros for £300+ more.

What is battery health showing? Suspect it could be below 80%