So long and thanks for all the fish

The usefulness of this forum has dipped below my threshold and ‘discussions’ are becoming plagued with a level of presumption, and lecturing that I do not enjoy.

That and being flagged numerous times with little reason that I can see (but sure that’s all on me).


Sorry to see you go :neutral_face:


Sorry to see you go too :frowning_face: (I didn’t ‘Like’ your post announcing you were leaving as it didn’t seem appropriate to do so)

I wasn’t aware that the level of flagging was so intrusive - no wonder you are frustrated. Very sad.

Best of luck for the future though! :+1:


Shame to see you go, as I always thought you were one of the “better” contributors on here :neutral_face:

I do sort of agree with your reasoning, though.


See you over there >>>>

I can understand that, but sorry to see you go!

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I’d be sorry to see you go. May not agree with everything you say (though I can’t remember anything in particular) but I’ve always found your contributions of value to the forum. And anyone who makes Douglas Adams references has to be sound.


awaits opening post being flagged


Ey :frowning:

As anarchist said you were really good contributor.

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The Discourse post hiding based on flags feature is very disruptive, and can clearly be used to bully people. I don’t know why people thought it was a good idea to give standard users the power to hide other people’s posts.


Maybe they didn’t think about it and it’s the default setting for Discourse? One for @cookywook to look into I think.

I can’t same I blame you if all your posts are being flagged on a regular basis.

Flagging should be for Level 2

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Is it possible to raise the number of flags which hides a post? Say it takes 2 to hide it currently, could it be raised to say 5 or 10?


It’s been quite annoying, a few of my posts have been flagged in the past for the same reason, disagree with me, flag it to hide my post from everyone. It’s sad.

I’ve had less so recently, but I’ve also been less interested in bothering to post opinion, every time I do I wonder why I even did or come here some times.

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Wasn’t there a discussion of punishment for continual false flaggers?

I believe everyone has a score relating to how many of their flags were reverted/accepted. Perhaps this can be brought forward and implemented soon?

I think the fine line seems to stem around “jokey comments”.

As the forum grows and grows, it’s much harder to make a comment that a small percentage of people will interpret as a joke (those who might know the user and how they typically post), and the rest of the people who might take it at face value (perhaps due to the language barrier or simply not sensing the joke).

The false flagging is still clearly an issue, but there are also comments from people who seem to treat the forum like their personal blog (neither are ideal).


Yup I agree :slight_smile:

When people can see their flagging score is too high and they start getting warnings I’m sure it will make them think twice. Which is all that people need to do with both jokey comments and ones they don’t like in general.

That only really works if the flags are actually handled, I’ve had a flag sit there for days and eventually gave up and edited my post to make it go away.

I don’t know if that’s improved at all.

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Is there a way for the flagging system to be changed?

Currently it is very much a “guilty until proven innocent” and “trial by public opinion” rather than anything that is actually fair on a poster that is being continually flagged (whether valid or not).

Surely it should start from a “innocent until proven guilty” standpoint?

Its a shame that people on the forum feel like the discourse is going downhill and then experiencing flagging due to not agreeing, or having their posts interpreted with tone.