A quick reminder about flags 🏳

Hey forum folks, I hope you’re having a fantastic fresh start to the week. I’m in an alliterative mood, so let’s talk about flags for a sec. :black_flag: :white_flag:

I just had to resolve over 20 flags, which is far above what we want to see on a Monday. I get that a lot of them crept up over the weekend where we aren’t always around to resolve them, but that’s only part of the story.

A fair amount of them were quite frankly, inappropriate usage of the flag system. Which is ironic, since the “Inappropriate” reason for selecting a flag is the one that’s getting used/abused.

So, a quick reminder. We won’t tolerate weaponised use of the “Inappropriate” flag to suppress comments purely because you disagree. And just to be clear, this is happening on both sides whenever there is a topic that has caused some disagreement.

Some of the usage was legitimate, and some wasn’t, from the recent batch. And it’s often hard to draw the line, we totally get that. So there’s only two options here - that folks are making bad judgment calls, or that they are deliberately acting in bad faith. We hope it’s the former. The latter is obviously, not acceptable at all.

If you aren’t happy about a post or the direction a thread is taking, but aren’t sure if it’s something that needs to be flagged or not, DM a mod. There’s also space when flagging to add a quick note as to why you flagged it, and that can often add useful nuance or context that helps us to make a decision.

If an entire thread is going off the rails and getting heated, please also let a mod know and we can always lock something while we look into it. That’s also preferable to a long drawn out argument where both sides just end up flagging every post from the other side.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


I do hope that the users that are continually abusing this system are being logged with a view to maybe a warning etc?




Thanks Simon

I almost feel now that I know on first sight when a thread is going to attract flagging tourists

This forum is at its best when it is constructively critical

(Personally I feel the point before Christmas when I and others fed strongly but politely successfully helped revise the pay by link text and layout was my height)

There are some posts that touch on more overtly political topics (say Brexit) and I definitely see that the user base is more united by a passion for Monzo than an agreement on all topics

Hey Simon,

Following on from what @anon72173902 has said - is there any recourse for a consistent “inappropriate flagger”?

Seems unfair to possibly punish someone who has their comments (correctly) flagged but to not punish someone who consistently flags inappropriately.


We have a score system, which means that every user has a percentage score of how many of their flags have been “Agreed with” or “Disagreed with”.

So for example, if a user has flagged 10 posts, and we’ve “Agreed” with one flag and disagreed with 9, their score would be 10%. 50% and above is a “green” score and below is red.

So, yes, we have records, but as of right now what we haven’t decided is how to fairly act on low scores, and what that looks like. Ultimately we need to figure out what percentage score is low enough for us to conclusively feel that someone is definitely acting in bad faith. And also, a score in and of itself is only one marker of what might be considered toxic behaviour.

Bear with us, we’ll get there. If you have concerns about specific users, you can also DM us.


Also are the ‘serial flaggers’ regulars or new accounts set up just to flag on purpose?

We haven’t seen so much of that. We have banned some alter accounts in recent months who were doing that.

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I find it kind of funny that it’s obvious who is doing the flagging. Still, I won’t name them again. I got flagged last time.

Do it, lets see if you get flagged again :joy_cat:

You just have to read the other thread and see the obvious bigots hiding in plain sight. They are the ones hiding behind the flagging system.

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Tbh, with the posts that got flagged, they tended to be ones you disagreed with. Just saying…


And they were basically trying to say its ok to have bigoted views.

If that’s how you want to live your life fine, just don’t be a coward about it.

I honestly believe you took comments from multiple people wayyyy out of the context they were written in and most who read that would agree but hey, we can’t all agree all of the time. Maybe for the best it got locked.


Both of your comments will be being flagged for being off topic soon, so I’d recommend that you wrap it up very quickly.

Ironically, this is in a topic that warns you about this kind of behaviour, in addition to being on the back of a topic that got locked for this very reason (as you’re both aware) :roll_eyes:


I find it quite ironic when people use the term bigot against other people that they dont agree with and won’t tolerate the other persons opinions :slight_smile:


If you think allowing people to have a view that is against another people’s way of life. What else would you call that?


Either case I think the admin made his point clear didn’t he.

If commenting on a post about flagging, about how only one side of an argument got massively flagged is off topic, things really are in a sorry state! :man_shrugging:t3:

Quick question.

Not to pick holes but I find it very rare that any mods are available during the day. From experience it often takes a couple of days for them to reply via pm too, by which point it’s far too late.

For example. I witnessed the topic today go off the rails today but there wasn’t much I could do about it. Is there a better way to get a mods attention? or is it to simply go on a “flag fest” and have the system lock the topic automatically? (I didn’t flag any posts by the way)

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You know full well that’s not what you’re discussing. You’re trying to get the last word in the argument and carry on the “discussion” from the other topic.

DM first, if you don’t hear back swiftly then please ask a Coral Crew member to send us a PM on Slack.