I realise my turn of phrase and ‘sense of humour’ isn’t to everyones taste here (or many other places! badummtsshhhh!!) but if I have truly offended you with any of my replies, please DM me and say so.

I will also try and be helpful, and sometimes inject brevity, but I recognise this isn’t always welcomed. So apologies.

Yours, forever with a smile cos life is too damn short,



This post offends me greatly

Apologize to me in public immediately followed by 3 raunchy pics of aubergines!


Damn what have I missed :weary:

Don’t stop, it will make the forums dull. Just use emojis to make sure you’re not taken seriously :poop:


No apology necessary. If your comments are truly offensive, the flaggers’ll have ye :pirate_flag:

Unless this is the start of a run for FM - apologise first, win over the people, then ____-up big-time while at the top to justify the initial apology. Wait, hasn’t this just…

PS> I’ve never flagged anyone. But that ‘First Flag’ badge is calling. Go ahead - post your finest, I’ll be lurking in anticipation :crocodile:


Apparently suggesting that some people are splitting hairs doesn’t go down well and gets you flagged.

I was trying to say I was stepping out of said discussion because I tend to think big picture, and once we get to the level of ‘if only it were exactly like this then it would be the best ever’ posts from people who tend to forget that they aren’t the only Monzo customer… well I just lose interested.

I’ve probably muted more threads on this forum than any other I’m part of, which is saying something!

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I’m this close :pinching_hand: to flagging this for “big picture” :wink:

Hey you leave my big picture alone! Size-ist!!

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I get flagged all the time for making sure the dedicated monzo-nauts actually take other people’s opinions into account - as often it’s just like the sun shines out of Monzo’s proverbial and that they can never be critiqued. You go on with your opinions, there are plenty of us that will support you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@gmclean never apologise for saying something that should not be considered inappropriate. Something us Brits have always been good at is speaking our minds and respecting different views. However in recent years that has been eroded by a complete lack of common sense. Far too many people find things to be offended about. Provided what you say isn’t pure hate you are doing no wrong. Even if the message isn’t liked by everyone it doesn’t mean it is offensive.

An example of this was the recent discussion about Pride and other icons on notifications. Some argued they didn’t want to see them in a banking app. Some people with huge chips on their shoulders couldn’t have a sensible discussion on it. The world has gone mad!


I think you’re my soul mate? :joy::joy::joy:

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