Lift your legs up, the cleaners are in!

I keep clicking on threads to see them being swept up beneath me!

It’s annoying coz it keeps bringing old threads back up as unread

…but it does keep things all in one place and maybe someday people will learn to use goddam search!


That’s me. I’ve only moved a couple of threads though?

This I agree with…

I don’t want to see restrictions but something really needs to be done, first 5 posts reviewed and first 3 threads reviewed before made public perhaps?

Just teasin’ Tom :wink: (damn that char length restriction)

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It can be irritating - but I think restrictions may put off new users. I’m happy for you to just let me know when a post needs merging - might better than linking the user to threads that already exist and would make it quicker for me to clean up.

That’s the whole point, as new posts have been added.

Unlikely IME. There will always be new members who revive old topics. Sometimes it can be worthwhile, sometimes it isn’t. I’ve been involved in many discussion groups over the years, and I don’t think there has ever been one where people weren’t accused of failing to use search.

Good luck though

Plus if the normal patterns are followed, there will be someone along soon who insists on their right to free speech and that the leaders are Nazis.


I used to do this by tagging people in replies to duplicates by @HoddzDJ told me off.

Could we have some clarity over this?

Ben doesn’t tell people off. He’s way too nice.

We will get round to it but we’re all busy with other things, so it not always going to be immediately - but if you feel it needs to be done quicker, I’m happy to receive a DM.

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Sure, I have no issue with this - I was just told that tagging people generated notifications so was bad :confused:

@crablab I don’t tag people I just use the reply button :dango: