Smartphone app not available to me

Hi all. I generally use Monzo on my iPad because my old smartphone won’t allow me to download the app. Is there another way I can sign in on my smartphone like with a regular bank so I can see transactions etc?

No. Monzo doesn’t officially support tablets, and your account is only visible via the app

Bugger. Ok, thank you. x

What phone is it? If it’s an Android one, it needs to be running Android 5 or later

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It’s an old Android 4.4.4. Too old for this app that’s why I wondered if there was a workaround?

No update ever released for your phone? What Make/Model is it?

Android GT19305 4.4.4. All updated regularly.

Sorry I misread your original post and didn’t realise you knew your Android version already.

Yeah so, until v2 of the Monzo API is released (soon?) and the community does a fuller web version you have maybe 4 options in order of increasing geekiness/complexity off the top of my head.

1 If your iPad stays at home perhaps you could do some unpleasant remote-access screen-sharing type thing while you’re out to access it directly. That’s probably the most straightforward way, if somewhat crude.

2 Log into the Monzo API with your phone’s web browser and learn to read the huge swathes of JSON-formatted data it returns.

(2.5. write a small Android 4.x app that does the above for you, but formats it nicely)

3 Run your own personal copy of monzoweb either in the cloud or at home and punch a hole in your router’s firewall so you can access it externally. I don’t think it has password protection, so you might be giving the world read-only access to your account if people can know/guess/work out the address.

4 Flash LineageOS on your phone - version 14.1 (which is based off Android 7.1) seems to be available, so you can run the official Monzo app. This is a potentially arduous, faffy and dangerous procedure and will wipe everything on your phone.


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