Use of Monzo app on tablets as well as phones

Personally I would like the Android app to work on most Android tablets as well as most Android phones, but current versions seem to only work on phones :frowning:

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The same can be said for iOS. iPhone use only, no iPad app.

shame, in that case my comments apply to them too

Umm, I’ve installed the android app (v1.1.5) on my Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (running 6.0.1 android) and it seems to be working fine for me. Although, haven’t tried using the card while in the presence of the tablet yet…

What doesn’t work for you?

It just says this is designed for phones and not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab

Sometimes I find Google Play Store overcautious and when I run an APK installation file they sometimes work

Ah, that’s a shame. I’m trying to resist suggesting that perhaps the Monzo app is too hot for your Samsung to handle… :wink:

I notice that you seem to be using the (Beta) version of the app whereas I’m not. Perhaps that is it?

Maybe. My tablet and phone I use for beta testing a few dozen beta apps for MS, Google, banks and healthcare firms etc. Android is a bit limiting as you can’t pick per device public or beta, once signed in to Google all devices will be public or beta but you can’t have some on one stream and some on another

Okay. Signed up for Beta. No change. Uninstalled on the tablet, quit Play Store, started new Play Store, could ‘find’ the Monzo (Beta) app, installed it, now running again.

[ My main aim in getting this on my tablet is just to have a second place I can freeze the card ]

I believe that android developers can specify a set of minimum criteria before a device can install an app, such as android version, sensors, screen size, country, etc. Perhaps there lies the explanation.

I can find my tablet in the ‘compare’ section of Gsmarena (I have the WiFi version of the Z2 tablet, btw), but there are zillions of Samsung Galaxy Tab models to choose from.

Perhaps ping the developers direct?

Personally I prefer to do my banking on a desktop or tablet as like to audit historic transactions and do reports etc. While having it on your phone is great for everyday use, it is still good to have it on a larger tablet screen for when you want to view transactions in more detail/depth rather than just a quick glance. It also a great fall back when your smartphone battery runs out of juice!

Well, I’ve just been bitten on the bum!

The app started acting up. When I went to the tablet, it would ask me to reauthenticate via an email link. That would work fine. However, when I went back to the phone app, it would also insist on a new authentication. Then, when I went back to the tablet, the cycle would repeat.

Pinged the devs. James (very quickly) replied with the news that “Unfortunately you can only be logged in to one device at once, sorry about this!”

So, that’s put an end to that. App removed from my tablet.

Which is a shame as I agree with you, playing with the app on a big screen device when planning etc. would be a useful feature.

I’ve suggested that the app supporting chromecast might be a good compromise…

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I definitely agree with you on this front! But at the same time, in theory, your phone is always with you, always connected, always up and running. So if you were ‘on the road’ with a WiFi tablet and you happened to lose your card (If you didn’t have your phone either) you’d be out of luck unless you stumbled across a free WiFi hotspot :wink:

But I mostly like the thought of Cast support (kinda) it would be nice to see your entire banking history on the big screen.

An idea: Maybe the Monzo app should be zoom-able? In similar ways to a Calendar app, zoom in and see daily breakdowns, zoom out, weekly, monthly, etc. :slight_smile:

that is really stupid IMHO.

my battery on my new samsung never lasts a whole day from 08:00 to 01:00 and goes flat once or twice during the day due to the heavy use it gets with satnav and email etc. so only being limited to one device sucks.

It is only satisfactory to have a one device limitation if website access is provided as an alternative…if not then there should be a higher limit for device numbers, e.g. 2 can be allowed to connect

Well, if I could install it on my Galaxy Tab E then I would remove it from my phone :slight_smile: but ideally it would be on both. As for a zoom option because you can’t view it on a larger screen that is still not ideal. So they really need to think, do they give us a fallback option of website access or do they allow a second device? Surely the latter is the easiest option!

A tablet app would be certainly beneficial.

Monzo have spoken about being an app store for other fintech products - though Monzo initially will only offer a current account, it goes without saying that the app will grow increasingly more complex from its [very simple] humble beginnings.

I think a tablet would be good as Monzo gets bigger and wants to take care of more of your financial life than it currently does (day-to-day transactions), as it expands to integrate other things like international money transfers and saving money etc.