Using the Monzo app on a tablet

have managed to buy a tablet that I can download the app so I have three tablets and none of them would accept the app apart from my new Alba tablet also no phones, anyway now I am not able to upload my passport, will accept my photo but not the passport, now I have been on to the Chat app bit and spent ages this morning speaking to somebody he was very helpful but still got nowhere at a loss of what to do now as if there is no other way of sending it that’s just about it really can’t carry on.

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IIRC the only tablet which is works (although it’s not officially supported) is the iPad.


Not used a site like this before so not sure I am doing this right, do you mean I have been wasting my time it only works with an iPad

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If I recall correctly, yes. I’m sure I have read a post on the forum stating that, but I can’t find it now.

Maybe someone who is better at searching will be able to find it.

Edit: I found this if it helps

Thanks for the advice will have look into it

I think @Anarchist was referring to tablets specifically, to be clear, Monzo should work fine with your phone if you are iOS9 or Android 5.0 or above.

You’re right -

group:monzo tablet was the search term I used by the way - filtering by that group lets you search for the team’s posts only :slight_smile:


Well have no idea my spec, but I have a Huawei t1 an Amazon fire, Hudl does not work on any of them, works on my new Alba, but will not let me upload passport, just keeps loading,even though it did photo.

Do you have a smartphone that you can use instead?

Two smart phones but no good either

Which specific smart phones?

Also, side question, why do you have two smart phones and three tablets?

Well I had a Hudl to start with but was have problems charging it so my kids bought me a Amazon fire for Xmas but it was 7inch which was too small, so I just bought a Huawei well Jan but didn’t like it , by then Hudl would not charge any more so binned it and bought an alba because I wanted something same as Hudl with HDMI to connect to TV when abroad, now to the phone have a Samsung which I use for my gift gaff sim to call kids free and got a alcatel pixi on 1p mob sim to phone anyone else, anything else you would like to know.

Do you know what Samsung model your phone is? Out of all those devices, it’s a bit improbable that all of them are below Android 5.0, especially if some of them were purchased recently.

You can also check operating system of your devices. It’s usually somewhere around:
Settings (it’s somewhere with all apps) > System (usually at the very bottom of Settings) > About Phone

Within ‘About Phone’ you should see operating system, it should be called ‘Android version’. Monzo supports 5.0 and above.


Hi Marta,
It’s a Samsung ace bit old now.

I have since got a compatible phone, but back when I signed up for the current account, my phone was too old, so I used an Amazon Fire tablet (the small £30/£50 ones), but taking pictures for passport and selfie took a number of tries because the camera in the tablet is so poor, and I assume the shoddy blurry photos got rejected. Popular low-end Alba tablets seem to have similarly cheap and awful cameras, so I’m guessing your verification is being rejected for the same reason. I can only suggest taking the passport photo outside in bright sunlight to give the cameras the best possible chance to focus and get a decent shot, and at a sufficient distance away so that the camera can definitely focus on the details.

I also had to ask support to whitelist me to use the system camera apps rather than the camera built into the Monzo app, because it crashed during signup (Amazon tablets aren’t strictly supported for all the Google Play store etc), sounds like you’re not having this problem though.

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You might also be able to arrange to send photos to

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I can’t even download the app on my Amazon fire nevermind take pictures I have now uninstalled it on my Alba tablet shall reinstall it hopefully it will reinstall and try again.

Yes I shall give the helpline a buzz and see if they can help me at all at this rate I’ve been at it all day getting nowhere seems to me that it wanted to download picture of my ugly mug but just doesn’t want to have anything to do with my passport or driving licence

Yes, you can’t by default, but if you don’t mind messing about you can sideload the Google Play Store onto Amazon tablets (unsupported, and faintly dubious, tutorials are available online), and then go from there.

Sorry I have no idea what that all means sideload but will have a look online