On which tablet does Monzo work well?

For the people out there using Monzo on a tablet: which one would you recommend? Which works well and which should I avoid?
I just joined Monzo and I like much about it and I want it to be my primary bank account BUT the idea of ONLY having it on my phone doesn’t appeal.
Because of this I want to buy a tablet (used, cheap, as I don’t really need one otherwise). I read some posts on here of tablets where the app doesn’t work; I’d like to know what works and what doesn’t.


Well, first of all, you can only run the Monzo app on one iOS device and one Android device at the same time. So bear this in mind.

There is an emergency web interface – web.monzo.com – but everything is designed primarily for use on a phone.

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Thanks, I’m aware that I ca only run it on one device. That’s ok.
I know about the emergency web interface. I just want to use the full app on a tablet.

I’m not sure it works on any Android tablets. The app isn’t designed for tablets, but does run on iPads.

It works alright on a Samsung Tab A 2016 10 inch.

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To be clear, you are aware that on a tablet you just see a scaled up version of what you see on your phone?

You want Monzo to be your primary bank account and want to buy a device you don’t otherwise need in order to use a phone-based bank on a device for which it’s not designed?

Unfortunately, Monzo doesn’t offer a meaningful website nor tablet app.

What is it about Monzo that really interests you so as to make it your primary bank account?

(And welcome, btw :+1:)


Hi Caribou, welcome to the forum!

Quick answer to your question is “None of them.”

Monzo runs on iOS so an iPad will offer a x2 scaled up version of the same app you have on your phone. I don’t know much but don’t think Android offers the same options so might not work at all.

Regardless, they app isn’t designed to run on a tablet at all, so at best, you’ll have a crappy experience.

Are you simply looking to make sure, if your phone doesn’t work, that you’ll be able to access Monzo? Genuinely might be better at looking for a second hand phone if that’s the case.

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It douse work on an iPad but won’t look right I have used monzo on my iPad 12.9 and it may not fit the screen but douse work ok.
I would not say it is rubbish experience if let’s say you lost your phone then you can use this way it will be smaller and won’t fit but will have all the features but you can use the web version for emergencies.


Gmclean, thanks, this helps, yes it is to make sure that if my phone doesn’t work, I still have access to Monzo, more than the emergency website offers. Thanks for ‘hearing’ me!
After looking into it a bit more I’ve come to the same conclusion, getting a 2nd hand phone is the best option.


Do you often lose or damage your phone? Wouldn’t it be better to just get a second hand phone if and when you need one? Or just borrow a friends phone to install Monzo on it to do what you need to do (then remove the app) before your new replacement phone arrives? It kind of feels like a solution looking for a problem to me?