TestFlight version 1.9.24 (362)

Just downloaded the update. Tried to move some money into a pot but it didn’t seem to do anything so tried again and both transactions showed up. Moved one back again and it didn’t show up at all for about a minute.
Looks like I have to refresh the feed for transfers to show up, slightly confusing and pretty sure it never used to take that long

I’ve noticed the same thing on the main iOS app. I don’t really use pots (or Monzo) very much these days so I don’t know if it always happens or if it was because I manually changed the amount to be put in the pot.

Because of all the new people moving over the Current Account, one of our services got a bit overloaded and took a bit longer than usual :slight_smile: It has just been scaled up so everything should be coming through normally now :muscle:


And this is why I love Monzo :heartpulse:
Thank you @HughWells :+1::+1:

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I had an issue too, still have an issue with 1 of my transactions missing, CoOps are trying to work out why :slight_smile:

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Keyboard still does not dismiss when amending pot amounts.