✅ [?] Transfer to Pots

I don’t know if anyone else is suffering with this but i seem to have the following problem and this is only started recently happening.

I go into my account and then to the accounts page, then go to my pot (any pot) and select to move £10 into the pot, this either does not happen at all on the first attempt or if it does transfer it then updates the balance of the pot but my main account does not update to reflect the £10 less and i actually have to click off the accounts page and go back in for it to reflect the £10 less.

This also occurs on moving money from the pot to the account the account updates but the pot does not.!

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Hi @doma2345 :wave:

I’ve gone ahead and moved this over to bug reports section for monzo to pick up and investigate. I’ve not seen this myself but have heard of various pots issues this weekend so maybe some gremlins in the system!

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Maybe some kind of outage?



I though so the first few times it happened but it has been the same for over a week, it seems the transaction is not reflected in the ‘from’ account until a refresh occurs by reloading the page