Slow support responses

(Simon B) #81

Quick update… We have about 90 new people starting in COps in the next 4 weeks. And we will be continuing to hire. We expect that to be closer to 200 by January.

We expect to be seeing much faster response times off the back of this, but it is going to be a few weeks before we get back on track.

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Wow- what will be the COp:customer ratio then? And what are you aiming at for response times?

(Simon B) #83

If we presume 500 COps at 1.2 million customers that’s about 1 COp for every 2400 customers, but that presumes that all COps do the same work and that’s not our operational structure since you have to account for all sorts of specialisms, management, people who do calls/social media instead of frontline and are therefore also handling queries from non-customers, people who are within COps but primarily interface between COps and other teams, etc, people who work part time or only weekends… It’s pretty complex stuff!


_Our long-term goal is to support 100,000 customers per COps agent. That’s a lot! By comparison, the average UK retail bank supports roughly 2,500 customers per agent - we aim to be 40 times more operationally efficient. We are still a long way from reaching our goal, currently supporting 5,000 customers per agent."

So a worse ratio that the average legacy bank? :confused:

(Andre Borie) #85

Monzo has better tech though, and less reasons for users to get in touch since they can do more things in the app where as with legacy banks you might be required to call, send a paper form or an email.


It’s short term, it’s better to catch up and over hire until we get this managed :muscle:

Then our scaling team can go back to dedicating far more time to making it easier for customers to solve things without getting in touch with us. Currently a few of them are directly helping us answer customer queries!

(Gordon Dack) #87

Very true, I’ve yet to have any need to contact Monzo about any banking needs as I can do everything in-app. Isn’t that what it’s all about :grinning:

(Darren) #88

The app used to give the names of real humans who were there available on the support side of things, but today when I click “chat with a human” I see no/one listed and my chat remains unanswered still after several hours.

Anyone know what’s happened?

(Tom) #89

Sounds like you’ve been migrated over to the new chat system, which looks a bit different to the old one.

The chat support guys are pretty swamped lately, so responses are quite slow, unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

(Lee) #93

I’m on the new chat and have been waiting for 27 hours for a response. Is there a problem with the new chat?


Response time-wise they’re the same as everything goes to the same queue at Monzo’s end. It just looks naff and doesn’t give you any feedback as to whether your message even went through.

You just have to keep waiting, I’m afraid.

(Tom) #95

The customer support team are really swamped at the moment, unfortunately. As @hdwrng mentioned, all chats go through to the same team at Monzo, whether they come from the old or new chat in our apps.


I can’t imagine having to juggle two chat platforms is helping though. Either all staff have access to both, or some staff are on one platform and some on another. Monzo may have a custom backend so it looks like one interface to staff, which would mitigate this; hopefully if they do it isn’t as barebones as the customer facing version.

(Andre Borie) #97

Had a good experience this morning with a dispute query that was answered within 10 minutes. :heart:

(Antoine A.) #98

This is becoming a farce :roll_eyes:


What a shocker :scream: That mess looks very familiar (every legacy bank) with new agents chiming in with no info whatsoever, rather than a clued up individual empowered to fix things ASAP.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #100

Very poor indeed, nothing I hate more than someone taking over and not reading the conversation or any notes.


I’m so sorry about that @Antwan :disappointed:I’m going to pass this feedback on for you.


The being asked to reconfirm my email address would have annoyed me, too. It won’t enhance security and should be on file so why make you jump through that hoop? :frowning:

(Hugh Wells) #103

We are really sorry about this :disappointed: Obviously there were a few things here that didn’t go so well and we’ll be passing them back as @BethS said :+1:

We are really struggling at the moment but doing our best to pull through by getting as many people up to speed as we can :pray: