Slow reversals

Why do reversals now have to go to a “specialist” instead of being handled by COps like they used to be?

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Pretty much everything has to go to a ‘specialist’ these days. Waiting for hours to speak to what is effectively a receptionist isn’t great.


4 and a half hours later…still no “specialist” :cry:

I was told a specialist would get back to me last Saturday… Good luck!

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Btw I wouldn’t call them receptionists. I’m sure it’s a tough job dealing with angry and impatient customers. And it’s certainly not their fault. Also, they’re the kindest, friendliest customer service I’ve come across.


What was that for, if you don’t mind saying

Someone who answers the phone/chat and simply passes the ‘call’ onto someone else is a receptionist IMO.

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Transferring between Joint Accounts and Personal Accounts not working. Apparently no-one at Monzo can do that manually on your behalf (10 points for ‘legacy’ banks) and I couldn’t do it in app.

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Oh the initial response was within 30 mins. It’s the delay for the specialist that’s annoying.

Ah, I waited 4 hours for an initial response and never heard from a ‘specialist’.

Transferring money? Or something else?

That’s right

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