Current Wait Times

So…trying to do an international transfer through the app, done the details, press confirm. Nothing appears on the transaction feed. Weird. So I check help. Nothing helpful there. Next chat. Greeted by the chat bot, cant answer my question. Current wait time to talk to a human…10 hours. 10 hours to talk to someone at a bank.

How is this even possible?
We kept being told more staff are being hired and trained, but thats on going for almost a year now. I know it’s still growing at a very fast pace, but seriously, they can’t keep up with hiring? Maybe turnover of staff is high in CoOps?

More and more everyday it’s feels like Monzo is becoming more like the banks it’s was trying to be better then, but actually being worse in certain areas…

If anyone does have idea about the transfer question and can answer quicker then 10 hours I’d be very grateful!


There’s no such thing.

As for customer service, it’s been like this for a very long time. There hasn’t been anything to suggest it will change any time soon, but they could just be working away at it quietly.


Not anymore there isn’t. I’ll agree with you there. They’ve all caught up.

Oh I know, I’ve been very vocal about it in the past year, but 10 hours is just ridiculous. I doubt they are, as they’ve been saying it for almost a year or even more at this point. It’s only got worse.


No words. Yesterday (around 3pm) my friend got a message - waiting time 4 hours… still waiting for reply.
I received a reply in HSBC chat in 20 mins… for example…

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I really think as we have so much trust in an App only bank, the only port of call we have is Chat, Email and phone lines… Monzo’s Chat support has been getting worse and worse sadly, that’s one upper hand with the legacy banks you will get answered by picking up the phone.

Monzo is great for the self-serve options; blocking card/freezing, moving pots etc but when you have a genuine issue that’s where you start to see the cracks.

I remember a while back (quote me if I’m wrong) the Chat was priority and everyone in Monzo would jump on when required?? These day it seems like the chat is quiet :shushing_face: responses but then in the next breath you’ve got someone from Monzo making posts on the forum? :man_shrugging:


It’s a shame really. For whatever reason CS was not considered, though it’s the most important thing for a bank. Banks don’t get a bad reputation for lack of banking features, they get a bad reputation because of bad customer support.

All neo banks have done badly on this front, but monzo seem to have been one of the worst.

I’m surprised as well that it’s not gotten better, and in some effect at least appears to have gotten slowly worse despite all the talk of hiring more CoOPs (though this also seems to have gone quiet from monzo as well?)

It does make you wonder if the churn is quite high and their simply unable to hire enough people and keep them… who knows.

Certainly, ever since the change of support system monzo has removed information on it and gone quite quiet on it. It’s objectively bad. Which is unfortunate.


I’m not far from their Cardiff office… i’d Even lend a hand :smirk::smirk:

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Yes, they quietly removed this feature. Now (or so I’ve been told) you can still get priority support but you have to answer the bots questions in the right way to get it.

Monzo also stopped reporting on the response times for priority support.


I’ve found the best is Amex, usually less than 20 seconds in the app. They usually wait in chat until answered so the conversation is in real time not spread out over a week.

What concerns me is with monzo is after the delay they are self raising the issue to the advocacy team on my behalf and depositing cash in my account and then ignoring actually coming back to me. I’m not complaining about free cash but id rather a service I can rely on like the good ol’ monzo days before customer numbers crept over the 1million.

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Ahh I see, yes seems that way they should have at least communicated this, I mean how do we beat the bot LOL! I’m guessing they have special key words like Fraud and things maybe… it seems like my query and others on the forum slips through the net and this passing onto a specialist isn’t the best unless their specialists worked around the clock think they need to redesign their internal support hierarchy and train all the CoOps to answer some urgent but not complex queries :face_with_monocle:

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It’s not great. Specialist, ok… who? Where? Which department?

I know who’s handling my issue with other banks.

And then consider where monzo need to end up. My other bank called me when I set up my account to see if I had everything I needed and if there was anything they could help with. Now I’m not saying monzo need to call people, but where’s the customer service for new accounts?

Frankly the community here should be making a much larger fuss over this, especially the investors. Customer service is the single reason I can’t currently trust monzo with any important transaction which is why it’s relegated to an infrequent spending account at this point.


As an Investor I want to company to be doing it the best it can, to improve customer satisfaction.
Getting to a point I’m really considering going back to Barclays…and I’ve been here for the long run.


Totally agree, they don’t even say like you said why or who the specialist needs to answer the query, my guess is ‘because it’s my first day’ it seems like the CoOps can only answer what’s on the FAQ sections really anything beyond that they transfer the query over the a specialist.

Yep my old bank did a courtesy call also I know that’s something they don’t really need to implement with Monzo but your right that new customer on-boarding can’t be the best experience due to the timescales of the support after all their advert says 24/7 support that seems a little non existent at the moment sadly…

I think maybe Monzo think if a customer needs help they will “self help” themselves through in app questions or the forum - but forum members can only deal with non account specific queries, I’ve been with Monzo from the start back at Mondo, but have to say the support isn’t the best at all. I want Monzo to do well and I’m sure they will but people need to realise when someone needs urgent help that’s their money and that causes issues and upset when they have no control or access to human support. The support used to be fantastic before they got too big :pensive: and where are all
These extra CoOps?


This is unfortunately the theory and conclusion I came to a while ago as well. They seemed to have set things up with the naive thought that people would just search the faq for an answer and cs fell over when surprise, people wanted to ask someone with knowledge what the correct answer is for their problem, and as mentioned, when it comes to complex problems, you need cs to quickly handle and resolve them.


Yes both agreed with that as I’m sure others too agree also. They’ve built a bank which is brilliant can’t deny the fact but when you look passed all
The extra features, the colourful cards and the quirky emojis they are a financial institution we trust them with our money and salaries etc, I think in return we should at least get a good customer service, fair is fair :pleading_face: instead they keep changing things and adding extras (although is good) but surely get the foundations right first! Cough, cough good old customer support :star_struck:


I’d be interested to know how the chat queries break down in terms of what people are actually asking for support on. In theory, a perfect service wouldn’t require any customer service - I’m basically just wondering if there are one or two things taking up 80% of customer support time?

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Remembering the old locked pots thing. Taking up far too much time

We had one case mentioned here where someone was badgering a COp over and over about some not particularly exciting point and we wonder why things can get a bit clogged up!

Started a chat at 11 this morning, said 11 hour wait time but just had a reply in under 4 :woman_shrugging:

I remember them. They bunged money into a pot and locked it, because they thought it would protect them better against fraud, then they’d bug customer service a couple of days later to get the money to spend.

And then they repeated that every week, despite all advice and knowingly, directly contributing to the grinding to a halt of live chat.


I’ve seen all sorts of crazy things on the forum that people have contacted support over. Not at all important or things that they can find out from a quick Google search.

It’s too easy to tap in a question into the chat system and if it was a number they had to dial I can imagine they wouldn’t bother.