Slow response times

I have now been waiting 4 days for a response after emailining

I have also been trying on a daily basis to call customer services - however it has been closed every time I have tried (morning, afternoon, night).

Is anyone else experiencing this service? :grimacing:

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Have you tried in app chat? I got a response within ten minutes last night

Unfortunately my query is in regards to my account as it’s not accessible at the moment.

I’d send another email as four days is too long to wait

I actually sent another one yesterday at 09:52, and still not had a response.

Is anyone else able to get through the phone lines either?

I feel that 4 days straight with the phone lines being closed is a little bit too long…


Are you emailing from the email address that’s on your account, that would make it quicker , but still 4 days is way too long.

Yup :slight_smile:

Might be worth seeing if @BethS or @cookywook or @simonb are able to escalate this for you.

when you say "its not accessible at the moment " do you mean Monzo have frozen it ?

No it’s not frozen.

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Can you call into them? :thinking: maybe quicker

Been trying to call them for 4 days… apparently too busy to answer any calls. Literally been phoning about 10 times a day to get the same automated message.

Oh my! That’s shocking,I’ve never actually rang them myself must be getting to big now for them to cope with the phone demand :hushed: 4 days isn’t right for an email @BethS can you help?

Obviously not going to disclose my situation publicly, however, this has been an absolute shambles as well. It’s basically just due to sheer lack of communication, and people not having a clue what they are doing.

I used to be so enthusiastic about monzo - but recently its changing due to the way I have been treated the last few weeks.

Was also told on the Thursday my account would be sorted and fixed within 24 hours… well hey! Look at that, another broken promise :man_shrugging:


Hi @CalO :wave:t2:

When you say your account is inaccessible, do you mean you can’t login to the app?

If so, have you tried logging into yet, to see if that works?

It’s a complex situation without revealing too much. But to put it bluntly - I have no account right now.

can’t really help you then - I have had no problems with response times , my account functions as I would expect it to - sorry you’re having difficulties - I agree 4 days is unacceptable waiting for a response - I would hope that one of the previously tagged members of staff will be in touch with you

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No problem - was just wondering if anyone else was having slow response times :slight_smile:

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Do u call customer service on unknown cause if u do this is why it says there closed

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Thanks, you’re right! I phoned them from my house phone so now getting somewhere…