Slow Response Times are Back?

Currently there’s an issue with my payslip coming in and I’m trying find out if it’s an issue with my company, Monzo etc. Obviously this is something which I personally would like to have dealt with ASAP but the wait time on the chat is a couple of hours? This really isn’t a good customer experience as a phone service would allow me to contact someone instantly. Are there any plans to have a customer response KPI?

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Have you tried the phone number on the back of your card?

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How is it Monzo’s fault about your payslip, have you spoken to your company first?


Nope, never noticed it - thanks for the heads up!

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Could be another delayed payment issue that happened late in April :man_shrugging:

I’d recommend checking with your employer first as well.

You’ll look a bit silly if you start by pointing the finger at Monzo to find that it hasn’t even been sent :see_no_evil:

I also imagine Monzos first question will be, what date was it sent.

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The day before the ad campaign I got a “sorry for the wait, we’re experiencing very high demand”, and now they have another 20% uplift in new joiners.

Without a current user chaperoning (like the word-of-mouth joiners have), these new sign ups are going to need a lot of support with their noob questions :drooling_face:

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Who the fault lies with is moot - as it could be one of several players, inc. Monzo, having a direct line to each one is important. A wait time of several hours is not ideal.


That makes no sense :confused: Knowing where the fault lies is exactly how you resolve it.

How is Monzo supposed to help if it potentially hasn’t hit their system yet? The logical thing to do would be to start at the beginning of the trail and work up from there.

I’m not surprised if they’re being engaged with queries like this! :laughing:

What are you going to say to them when they ask for the date, time and method in which your payment was sent? I sincerely hope that it has been sent so you’re not contributing unnecessarily to the wait times.

And you need a response from everyone to know where the fault lies, so waiting a few hours to hear back from one isn’t useful :joy:
And don’t be a bitter keyboard warrior. You don’t know all the details so before jumping to conclusions you may want to remember that

Having a response from Monzo is irrelevant if the money was never sent in the first place. You must know what I’m saying surely :exploding_head:

It would be like ordering something from Amazon and kicking off with Royal Mail because it hasn’t arrived. Royal Mail only deliver the parcels they’re given so you need to check that it has been dispatched from Amazon first.

Once you’ve confirmed that, then you can go to Royal Mail and say - My parcel from X on this date hasn’t arrived, can you track it please. Otherwise they’ll rightfully just shrug their shoulders. Royal Mail isn’t going to ring Amazon for you just like Monzo isn’t going to ring your employer.

This makes no sense. What am I bitter about? There is no unjust directed towards me and this isn’t my bad experience :confused:

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Hi Monzo,

Can someone tell me where my money is please, it is supposed to arrive 21st June but it has not arrived yet. Dunno if it’s been sent yet though as I haven’t asked my work but can you check anyway please?



Apparently when he said

And when someone asked earlier if it was sent, his response was:

We’re supposed to know it has already been sent and because we didn’t we’re now “presumptive asshats” for trying to give him the help he has asked for. :roll_eyes:

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Call the number on the card :slight_smile:




Yep, it’s all been resolved for now, thanks for asking. Monzo support were excellent and prompt once they were contacted.

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There is no helping some people, let’s just leave it and wish him luck. There is arguably no point in this topic as a result and even less so if he is starting to insult people.


You didn’t provide any help. You were entirely toxic in your replies. And now you’re claiming people can’t be helped? Look at what you wrote buddy :neutral_face:
Also, read the original post. Having a waiting time of hours doesn’t seem great, hence the question about KPIs.

My company changed payment type and now the payment is in the financial ether - Monzo haven’t seen anything but it’s been paid to my account :cloud::money_with_wings:

Glad your problem has been resolved @Matt88 – in the meantime, please let’s remember to be nice to one another :blush: