Slow Response Times are Back?

Slow response times are indeed back, messaged at 1730 yesterday, got a reply at midnight saying ‘sorry for the delay we’ll get back to you’ and nothing since — 19 hours and counting. Not acceptable.


Would you mind removing some of the condescending, unhelpful remarks left by the other users?

Flagged for name calling

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Hey, it’s probably not “in financial limbo”, it just sounds like your employer has changed from a faster payment to a retro 24/48 hour payment

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There clearly are a number of issues with Monzo’s support currently, some of it is workload based but some of it is process based or caused by bugs.

Monzo have different queues for their support staff to check and sometimes things end up in the wrong queue and it’s not a queue that is regularly checked.

I recently had an issue where hundreds of pounds got stolen out of my account and I needed to chat to resolve it. I didn’t get a response for 6 hours (and only then after flagging it on the forums). Turns out it’s because my ticket had gone into the “major incident” queue and support hadn’t been checking that queue today.

The reason it went into the major incident queue seemingly was because I’d been with Monzo long enough to have received a message about a major incident but hadn’t used the chat since so my message was viewed as being a response to the major incident alert they’d sent me.

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Mate stop being so defensive :slight_smile: Nobody is attacking you here and all you’re doing is getting more and more of your posts flagged for being inappropriate.

Take a breath, it’s all sorted now and let’s get back to discussing response times. Otherwise if you keep trying to argue further your topic is going to sadly get locked :lock:

Amazing. How about you reflect on your attitude instead of “calling for an adult” :rofl:

I asked about response times, you replied by presuming I hadn’t checked with my employer, said I was wasting Monzo’s time, and then claimed I couldnt be helped. It’d have been nice if from the start you had just talked about response times rather than trying to start a blame-game.

I’m closing this for a bit to give folk time to take a breather.


Selected “not important, I can wait” but been waiting like 24 ish hours now?

I wouldn’t mind usually but when it says “usually replies within a few hours” it’s sort of annoying when you know… don’t get a reply within a few hours?

I appreciate its bank holiday weekend but just curious if anyone else is having an issue and is this going to be like Christmas 2018 again :joy:

I once got “Usually replies within 25 minutes” then it kept going up as I kept waiting

I did a live chat (not urgent) about 2 days ago and I got a reply in under 2 minutes. Recently I have found response times to be very quick.

Hi all, I’m closing this thread now because it got wildly off-topic and unconstructive.

If you’re having trouble getting in touch with us, please create a new thread and we’ll see what we can do to help.