Slow Notifications

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed that spending notifications have been a lot slower than normal. Sometimes they come through instantly but most the time they take 5/10 minutes after a purchase even if I am on WiFI or 4G.

I’ve raised this in the slack community before and it improved for a few days and now has gone back to being really slow?

Anyone else facing something similar?

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Mine are pretty much always instant but I’ve noticed with specific retailers/ places they take a bit longer. I don’t remember offhand which ones but I know for sure Stagecoach buses (Manchester) can sometimes have a delay of a few minutes. My friend uses Starling and noticed the same delay just with Stagecoach (not First buses apparently). I don’t take First buses so I can’t comment on this.

I didn’t bother mentioning it to COps because the delay doesn’t make much difference while I’m commuting, retail/online spends are usually instant so I can catch anything suspicious or strange asap.

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I imagine this is more to do with the merchant than Monzo. Just them being slow at passing on the authentication.
For example the busses probably only connect to the network every so often to process the data maybe? As it’s probably a 3G / 4G connection or maybe they process it offline.

I can’t see why this would be on Monzo’s end unless they are experiencing heavy load at that point in time and there is a slight backlog. :man_shrugging:t3:

Instant notifications are a key feature of Monzo so I’m sure it’s important for them to keep them snappy

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Mine always arrive before the receipt is printed.

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I’d say 99.9% of the time mine are received before the receipt is printed too.


Had a few slow notifications but that’s when Monzo was having problems a couple of thursdays ago. Nothing since except in M&S which always takes 15 minutes

I also assumed it was just the merchants but it’s been merchants who are normally instant that have been slow as well.

It’s then also been completely new merchants I’ve never used before.

Could always just be poor mobile data strength but has happened when on WiFi as well


One quick test is have the app open while you pay for something. Does it appear on the feed instantly (or at least after a refresh) - if you have no feed item then it’s a delay in the backend (Monzo or merchant), if you do then something is suppressing the notification.


I am on android and found the Monzo notifications STOP altogether some time ago. Not sure why.

I now use IFTTT to activate the notifications and it works a charm with, as some others have said, the phone pinging before the till receipt is printed!

There’s a bunch of power saving settings that get too aggressive, one example below.

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Interesting and I will look into it, however, yesterday’s purchase would have been at near 100% battery as was within ten minutes of taking the phone off full charge and driving to the petrol station.

Ah should probably have clarified I’m on iOS

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