Card payment notifications very slow

When I first joined Monzo payment notifications were instant but over the past few weeks I now have a delay of about 5 minutes. I’ve checked and enabled background data and switched off power optimisation but nothing works. It’s also the same on WiFi and 4G. Anyone else have the same issue?

Using iPhone here and they are virtually instant.


what phone are you using that would help

Instant for me, usually before I get the receipt.

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Instant for me, for 3 transactions today (iPhone).

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Instant for me using an iPhone.

I’m using a Doogee S60 armoured phone running Android 7.0. It’s been perfect until the past few weeks.

Try reinstalling the app ?

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I tried that. I also cleared cashe and it still didn’t make a difference.

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Are you facing delays with any other notifications (email for instance)? Or have you narrowed it down to monzo notifications? :blush:

I can’t say that I’ve noticed any undue delay on my kerching sound :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I’d definitely test out another app just to be sure - maybe have a friend send you an email and watch a desktop & your phone at the same time and see if the email takes 5 minutes or so to set off a notification on your phone :grin:

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This is normally caused by Android’s Battery Optimization feature.

Do you have it turned off for the Monzo app?

Battery optimisation was off and background data was on. I’ve checked everything including running processes and nothing seems to be abnormal.