Instant notifications

is any one else having problems with instant notifications as its taking 5 minutes to come through and the lady on the phone seemed to not want to help blaming my internet connection

What phone do you have?

Disabling battery optimise for the monzo app should speed up notifications.

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iphone se

How are you testing it?

im talking about when i buy something

You phoned Monzo?

It’s working fine for me. It’s probably your connection as explained.

How recently have you tried it vs. the last time you purchased something?

about half hour

So you purchased something and that notification didn’t come through, then you bought something again half an hour later and that one didn’t either?

It does sound like an internet issue with them being so close together. I assume you can visit websites and things on your phone and you haven’t ran out of data?

Also restarting your phone would be another thing to try.

no they are coming through late didnt you see what i wrote they are coming through late

sorry im really streesed monzo dont want to help

No because you’ve just edited your post.

You haven’t really answered anyones questions so it’s hard to help.

i didnt edit it so who did

Why are you stressed, how does a notification make any difference to the buying process? I’m very confused.

If you want to make sure you have paid you can open the app and check?

i dont agree with other people being able to edit other peoples post

Nobody can edit your post. Only you can.

other people can edit it

Defo sounds like internet issues. Monzos status page reports everything is fine.

I assume you’re done for the day purchasing things? Perhaps give it a go tomorrow and see if it’s any better once you’ve restarted your phone.

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The notification is separate to the transaction. If your balance is not updating either then your data connection sounds like the issue here.


I’m not too familiar with apple, but there should be an option to exclude monzo from battery optimisation or similar.

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