Are payments through instant?

A friend just used this to send me some money owed, and it hasn’t come through. Just wondering if there’s an expected delay associated with using

Not usually. Are you sure it worked on their end?

Unsure, I’m not with them to see for myself but they say it all went through okay :man_shrugging:

Had two incoming transactions today - both came in instantly :slight_smile:

Was it for more than £100?

Nope, 25 quid.

If you’ve not received it within 5 minutes I’d be inclined to think it didn’t work. Card payments are meant to be pretty much instant as far as I’m aware.

Edit: According to their status page - - there are no issues that might slow things.

Based on who your friend banks with, they may be able to see if this is in their “pending payments” list on their banking app (you never know!), but many banks don’t show this unfortunately.

I must admit I had a mate who couldn’t pay me through it last night, but I’m not sure if he was doing something wrong (it worked instantly from four other people).