FYI: Android Notifications & Battery Optimisation

Hello everyone :wave:

We wanted to drop you a quick message about something we’re aware of that could affect your Monzo experience.

If you’re an Android user, and have Battery Optimisation settings enabled (you will by default!), you may not receive notifications from apps running on your phone when your battery is low. This is usually fine, and is expected behaviour. But it will affect the notifications you receive from us.

Should any unusual activity happen on your account, you might not receive the notification which would then prompt you to freeze your card if it’s a transaction you don’t recognise :snowflake:

The good news is that it’s an easy fix. Just head to your Battery Optimisation settings (the exact location of this menu will vary according to your device), tap on Monzo, and make sure Don’t optimise is selected. And that’s it :+1:


Any questions, just drop them below.


Pretty sure this applies to Android Oreo and newer, right?

Some of us are still waiting for manufacturers to release it :frowning: (HTC 10 here)

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Nope, pretty sure battery optimisation has been a feature since Android M (Marshmallow, I think), if not L.


Some Dev reading for the technical…

Not in the same way, Android N and O actually have Doze where they handle notifications in a very funny way. I don’t think it was properly implemented into the API until N


I knew it was one of them. I was an Android power-user until I switched to an iPhone on my 19th birthday (I have a small number of app in Google Play).


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I’ve since made the Monzo app non-optimised yet the problem persists with me. Customer Services aren’t able to help, unfortunately. Any other suggestions?

Edit: Things also feel delayed. My balance hadn’t updated to the most recent transactions and I genuinely thought I was £20 better off for about 5 mins…

Edit 2: on review, it appears the app has switched BACK to “optimised”. Will this happen automatically with any updates to the app??

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