Lag with Payment Notifications

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have uninstalled the app in the past, but when making payments via debit card I often get an annoying notification come through 20 minutes later.

If I transfer money, I get an instant notification…

I also use HyperJar and these display instantly so don’t think it’s a device issue

Still instant for me

What OS are you on?

Android version 10

Try turning off battery optimisation for monzo , no harm in testing , which phone do you have?

I’ve got a pixel 3 on Android 10 with no issues.

Isn’t an Honor 10 Lite. It worked better on an old Moto E4 I had before. But as I say HyperJar is absolutely right away. I’ll try that though thanks!

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What I believe is that all companies that you purchase with, clear the payment slower than others. This can be due to long processes or slow connection of the card machines.

When transferring money, it is usually instant due to they are all the banks being on the same network.

That feels unlikely since the Monzo card will force the transaction to be done online if at all possible. I guess a customer could live in a n area where no merchant supports online payments but it feels unlikely.

there’s some merchants that don’t take the money straight away even if you pay by card and even use chip and pin there’s a few shops i’ve been to that this happened

I use the same merchants with Hyperjar and I get the notification right away

It appears in the Monzo app right away, but no notification for a while sometimes