Slow connection

I’ve been constantly getting “Slow connection” message appearing on my app.
It can last for days and the app doesn’t update, the help chat function doesn’t work (messages never send).
Yes, I’ve tried closing and reopening app, using WiFi and 4G, different networks etc
I have an iPhone 8+ on latest version of iOS and running latest version of Monzo

Is anyone else getting this issue?

Have you uninstalled and re-installed also?

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No. Will try that and let you know.

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Did that. Now I can’t log back into the app image|281x500

might have a look at this thread , all depends on when that screen message appears

or this

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Thanks Ian, appreciate the ideas.

I’ve been using Monzo since 2016 so been through and deleted the three magic sign in emails I could find.
Deleted the app.
Press the Login Button
Enter my email address
Press “Next”
Error page appears.

I’m using Vodafone’s VPN - would that have any bearing on this?

That’s one thing to eliminate. Try without the VPN connection to see if it changes things or not.

Try a reboot in between the uninstall and reinstall.

Also try logging into

Yup. It was the VPN.
It was McAfee VPN (not Vodafone).

So Monzo doesn’t like VPNs.

All set up and working perfectly. Will have to turn VPN off to get Monzo working correctly.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this.


Good to hear you found the cause and can work around it :+1:

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Phew, and yay! And thanks for posting the solution too.

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