Sky Q - Billing

(Simmy) #1

Bill is supposed to be £37

  • £22 for entertainment

  • £5 kids

  • £5 hd

  • £5 on demand

my next bill is £63. However the following two are £37.

I phoned Sky, and could barely understand the poor guy due to his lack of english.
However from what I could decipher is the £63 bill covers 7th march to 26th april
SO a month and a half, which makes sense.

My first bill came out 15 days ago, and was due to come out again yesterday as on their website it says " A second payment will be taken approximately 14 days after your first bill was paid,."

This hasn’t happened, so now i am confused.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #2

Login and have a look

(Jack) #3

What time did you ring Sky? If you’re able to call during the work day (on a day off, during lunch etc) I always get put through to a Scotland-based call centre and they’re usually really helpful. Maybe try then?

That said, they do seem to have a weird billing system though. When I recently rang up to change my package mid-month, they essentially stopped billing me as usual and added it all to the next month’s bill.

Their website is pretty good though and has an itemised bill which might explain it?

(Simmy) #4

I have mate.

I even phoned up sky and asked them to email me it in writing so i can understand and he said theyc couldnt.

(Simmy) #5

Phoned this morning about 11am

(Nick) #6

Looking on the Sky website, and summarising my understanding below:

  • First payment is taken 14 days after your service begins. Depending on what part of the month you sign up, you may end up paying for a month and a half due to starting in one calendar month and the first payment being taken in the next. This appears to be what has happened to you, and you’re OK with that.

  • Your understanding is that the second payment is taken 14 days later. As this hasn’t happened, you’re confused.

My question to you would be that at this point is it precisely 14 days later, or considerably longer? Because there is the word ‘approximately’ in there.

Also looking at the website, this is actually followed by “depending on the date you’ve selected your Direct Debit/Credit Card payment to be taken.”

Do you remember agreeing a date that payment would be taken at any point?

(Caspar) #7

Log in to - you’ll get a breakdown of the bill.

It’s almost definitely because you pay for the first two weeks, then the next month all in the first month.

(Simmy) #8

This is the 15th day.
first payment was taken on the 21st Feb

(Nick) #9

I’d say you’re still well within the “approximately” window, then. As today is Friday, it may come out this coming Monday at the earliest. I wouldn’t worry too much yet.

(Emma (still not the app)) #10

Yeah sky can take 3 or 4 days after they’re supposed to take the payment. Sometimes they even thank you for your payment before it’s been taken, just to confuse you more

(Rika Raybould) #11

The American Express method of taking Direct Debits apparently. :sweat_smile:

(Emma (still not the app)) #12

Happy birthday Rika :tada: :cake: :balloon:

(Sam) #13

American Express tell me they’ve received my direct debit payment (and thank me for it) several days before it leaves my account! That’s always baffled me.

Happy Birthday! :birthday:

(Gordon Dack) #14

Didn’t post this on the Sky forum itself, 3 times? And got a reply to your question there?
In addition posted
"Called Sky, the bloke was really friendly but a bit difficult to understand with his accent.
From what I could understand, the £63 billing period is from 7th march to 26th april, which makes sense.

Just can’t figure out why the money hasn’t come out my account yet because I thought we pay for the month, or in this case, a month and a half, in advanced."

(Simmy) #15

Way past 14 days. Still not taken anything :crazy_face:

(Caspar) #16

That’s odd - you and I signed up around the same time (mine was just broadband, no TV) and my 14 day payment was taken when expected, and I logged in to change my due date to the 1st of each month, so I paid the outstanding bill for the rest of this month too.

(Simmy) #17

To be fair I added the “kids” and “on demand” addons after it was installed

This could explain it

(Simmy) #18

Finally figured it out. Completely forgot with Sky you pay for the month in advance.

Joined February, and paid for February around the 21st
The bill for this month ( march ) and next month (april) is paid at the end of this month, so im basically paying for two months in one go, hence the higher bill !

Thank fk for that :smiley:

(Simmy) #19


Just got a call from " Domestic and General " advertising Insurance, are they legit, and how did they get my details ? They said they were calling on behalf of Sky to give me a " Welcome " phonecall.

EDIT : just done some research and they are a partner company to Sky who offer insurance etc. Thanks