Cancelling a subscription

My sky bill is not showing as a direct debit it’s showing as a subscription yet there is no option to cancel it or block it? They can just keep taking disputed amount every month?

What did Sky say when you spoke to them?


When you say disputed amount, do you not agree with the amount they are taking?

Do you have an account with them? Does the amount reflect on your latest bill as it does taken from your account?

You need to speak to Sky first to understand why they are taking the “disputed” amounts.

Failing that, tap on the transaction, tap get help at the bottom and you can raise a dispute with monzo on why you feel the charge is incorrect. They will ask what the merchant said when you spoke to them to resolve it first.

To remove it from subscriptions, find a previous payment, and then turn off repeating payment on the transaction entry.

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When you mean “showing as a subscription”, do you mean showing up in the Subscriptions tab of the app, or actually taking money out of your account, post-cancellation? If it’s the former, that’s normal. Monzo can’t know when you start or cancel a subscription. It just guesses. You can tap on the subscription entry and uncheck “Repeating Payment”

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