Hi guys

Hi anyone know why I been charged twice fr sky yesterday 29th Sept and today 30th

Hi Aysha & welcome :wave:

Did you have enough in your account to pay the Sky debit yesterday (19th)?

Are the 2 transactions exactly the same value?

If you go into each of the transactions, is one of them showing ‘Pending’ at the bottom of the transaction details?

You need to ask Sky, not Monzo.

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Speak to Sky.

If what you’re saying is true, they’re the ones that requested 2 payments. Monzo just do as they’re told.

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I get charged a day apart by sky. One day it’s the TV and the next mobile

Have you logged into MySky to see what bills they’ve said were due?

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Start with Sky and see what they say. If they say it’s a bank issue, talk to Monzo. But, no, I don’t know why you’ve been charged twice.

I hope it gets sorted and you can come back and update us.

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Hi all sorted they have said I must have made one payment on my app then they took my usual one on the set date so basically payed my monthly one early hence y I got charged fr that via d.d
They will take the extra fr next month as its due next week anyway

Thanks fr ur feedbk