Direct Debits and Monzo

I currently pay with card for my Sky bill and am considering moving to direct debit.

If the bill date falls on saturday/sunday, it will be taken the following working day right ?

It will be taken Monday.

Unless Monday is a Bank Holiday when it will then be a Tuesday.

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yes, I pay sky by direct debit and it’s Monday. Same with every direct debit


Great thanks.

To set up a direct debit i just do it via Sky don’t I ? Or do i need to set something up in my Monzo too ?

Surely anyone could just type in someones sort code and account ? Or is it verified by the account holders name?

Sign into your Sky account .

Then go to ‘My Account’ > ‘View Your Bill’ > ‘Change Payment Method’ then select ‘Pay monthly by direct debit’ and add your details.


Not sure there are many fraudsters lining up to pay other people’s bills

And you’ll get a notification when a new DD is set up in your account. If it’s not one you’re expecting then you can stop it

oh sh*t yeah i forgot lol ! sorry about that.

@Chapuys it can be done via MYSky app too.

It is possible to commit fraud by Direct Debit with someone else’s details but it is extremely rare and the bank account holder would be protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee and fraud protections.

Jeremy Clarkson found out to his detriment .

Or you could just call Sky and they’ll take care of it all :man_shrugging:

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Didn’t you also post this in the Sky Forum and get a response? The answer will be the same here too.


I’ve called sky and got it all sorted. Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s a real kick in the teeth for everyone who has wasted their time in responding on here and the Sky forums then :confused:


one minute you told me to contact sky now your saying its a kick in the teeth ? You obviously dont like my threads so why bother wasting your time ?

I said call Sky because isn’t that the obvious thing to do? This is a bank community so we can’t control your direct debit with Sky.

Instead you’ve created duplicate topics and had various people running around answering the same questions. Perhaps in the future you can think a little more logically.before just jumping on here and creating another random topic? Surely it would be quicker and require far less effort too?

Also, it wasn’t me that pointed this out, so don’t vent your frustration at me :roll_eyes:

I know it’s a bank community but I was told to find out from my bank how they deal with direct debits


It’s not unreasonable to not know whether one should contact the merchant or the bank to set up a direct debit, and hence ask both communities.

Who said that Sky? Or the other forums you posted the question on?

Either way, as I mentioned - it wasn’t me that found out you’ve been doing this so you’re pointing the stick at the wrong person.

You could also have Googled and gotten to the same answers, maybe try that next time?

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Is this “my first direct debit”?