What Is " Pro-Rata " billing?

Can anyone explain it guys, i’m confused.
My first Sky Bill is the correct amount, the second one is higher than it’s supposed to be because of " Pro-Rata " billing.
The following two bills are correct, so the bill in question is my second one.


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Normally billing for a segment of a month. So if you joined on the 10th of the month, you’d be billed pro-rata for the remaining 2/3 of that month (should be 2/3 of your monthly bill amount).

1st. bill £37 ( correct )
2nd bill £63 ( because of pro rata )
3rd bill £37 ( correct )
4th bill £37 ( correct )

They said something about paying for a month an a half in advance ?

I did change my package during the month.

Sounds like something specific to Sky - hopefully someone else who is with them can help, that’s not something I’ve seen before.

Phone sky and ask. Might be installation on that


Thanks :slight_smile:
I did ring sky, and they were telling me dates, numbers, all over the place and confused the hell out of me lol. I asked to have it in writing in an email so I could comprehend it and they said they couldn’t

It’s to cover the amount of time between the start of the service and the first bill usually.

Pro rata means “in proportion”.

I frequently see it used in job adverts for part-time positions. The salary will be quoted at ‘£x pro rata’.

What that means is £x is the full-time salary, so if you’re doing 50% of the hours then you’d expect to be paid 50% of the salary quoted in the advert. Because you’re being paid ‘in proportion’.

Now, back to Sky. It will come down to the fact they have fixed billing periods and start with a whole bill. But if you’ve actually started somewhere in the previous billing period, they’ll add it to a later bill instead. So you’re paying your £37 bill for the month, and £26 for the proportionate amount of service you used prior to receiving your first full bill.

As Simon said while I was writing this: