Sky Bill - Charged Twice

Hi guys.
My sky bill came out on the 27th July, they have also taken another payment today which im furious about because now i’m overdrawn.

I spoke to Sky and they said to contact the bank in the mean time, and that 1 transaction could be confirmation and the other the transaction.
He then said it should return to normal tomorrow, but i have little faith in this as it’s the first time its ever happened.

Has this happened to anyone else ?

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Sounds like Sky’s problem.

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Flag it with In-app chat. They will be able to tell you more.

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Is it a direct debit?

Nope. Card.

Seems like its a duplicate transaction, ive raised this in chat, should I also click " Something Wrong, Tell Us " ?

The first transaction could well just be a hold and drop off, if you click on it to and scroll to the bottom is it showing as pending?

No, that’ll do the same thing as the chat. Just wait for them to look into it. Do either of them say ‘Pending’ when you click on them in your feed?

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Yes, the first one says " Pending ". The latest one from today doesn’t

You need to speak to COps in app, not create another topic on here.

We don’t have access to your Sky account or Monzo account to help.

Again, this is a question for in app chat. We can’t be of help here.


Hi @Venomx! :wave:

This definitely sounds like something we can help you with.

If you haven’t already, fire us a message through the in-app chat and we’ll help you out as quick as we can :grin:


The helpful bloke over chat has sorted it for me
Thank you Monzo :slight_smile:

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again


Glad you got it sorted.

What was the issue? Be good if you could share the findings in case it happens to anyone else.

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Sky set aside some money to ensure I had enough to pay for my bill, there was a delay in this process hence why it appeared they’d taken another set of money off me.
The money from the first transaction would have been returned into my account within a week, however as I provided proof of my bill to Monzo they instantly refunded it. And was told if it ever happened again just get in touch

I recently changed my billing date ( starting September ) which could have impacted this.


Well it wasn’t because I thought Id been over charged

Perhaps we need to rename the forum?


This has happened two months on the bounce with NowTV with a friend. I’ll get them to DM through the app

Here’s a good explanation of what happened, incase it occurs for any of you guys…

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Ahhh ok, so they didn’t take the money twice?

If you’d waited then things would’ve sorted themselves out I guess? Which is the entire point of an authorization hold I guess. Good to know.

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Yeah I was confused about that too.

At least he learnt how to Google things :wink:


Sky said it would be returned the following day, and Monzo said pretty much the same thing too.

It did appear that there were two transactions and because of this went into an unauthorised overdraft, hence why I got concerned

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