Payment made twice by Monzo?

Has someone payment made twice by monzo?

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Does one of the 843.00 debits show as ‘Pending’ if you tap on it/them to view the details?
And the same with the 56.20 debit - does one of them also show ‘Pending’ in the details?

Usually, with cases like this one of them will be cancelled (it will disappear) when the merchant fails to claim it. If everything worked as it should and each one was a genuine, single debit, the merchant will claim only one of them so the other will eventually disappear from your transaction list.

There are cases where the charges have been made twice and you should contact to verify & confirm they have taken only 1 payment for each duplicated transaction. Evidence of this may be in your account (if you have one)

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Hi, thank you for your reply!

I have asked, they only receive one transaction. Also, they are not pending, my money truly paid.

Besides, my friend also have same situation on this website, he use Monzo card too.

I think it’s Monzo’s problem

That’s best taken up with Monzo then. Specific account queries can’t be handled here. It’s too public an environment.

Indeed, view one of the transactions, scroll to the bottom and press “Something wrong, get help” - we can’t help you here

I’ve had this albeit with much smaller sums. There was [?] a glitch in the system which showed two identical transactions. You should see your balance reflect only one in each case. R-