Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

If I upgrade to Monzo Plus I can create Virtual Credit Cards and use these to pay for items bought online. The money spent comes from the balance of my account. How does billing address work? I want to be able to shop for items in the U.S.A, for example, and have a card that is for that country. Is that possible?

If you upgrade to plus you can create virtual cards. These are not credit cards. Money is taken from your main balance when you spend on these.

So in your case, you’d create a virtual card - visit the website you want to buy from and input the virtual card details. It’s up to you what shipping address you input as that is done on the website.

Just moved house, updated my personal details as has my partner, can I assume our joint account cards are now also registered to our new address? Can’t find anywhere to update the address of my joint account card…

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Joint accounts are connected to your personal account and one cannot be without the other so they share the same personal details.

So if you’ve updated your address and your partner has updated theirs too, then yes. You’re all good :+1:


Thanks vm

i want indian people to use monzoooo like how it works in united kingdom

Big market to crack.

I’ve never heard of India as a specific target market - although I’m not sure Monzo could make money work for everyone without ending up the eventually.

Apologise if this has been asked before. I keep most of my money in pots then take it out to spend so my ‘balance’ is sometimes only a few £ until I move money around.
If I try to make a transaction with insufficient funds in my main account area - what will happen? Will it be declined? Will Monzo choose a pot at random to get the funds (the pots aren’t locked)? Will I go into an unauthorised overdraft?

Yes, it’ll be declined, but you’ll be given chance to transfer money into the main account throughout the day until the transaction will be retried again later that day.


You’ll go ovedrawn only if you have an overdraft. If not, you won’t become overdrawn.

If you don’t have an overdraft it will be declined

The only exception is if it’s a direct debit or standing order and you’ve selected to pay it from a bills pot. Then it will take money from the selected pot and if there’s not enough in that from the main account. If there’s not enough in either it will decline


I’m fairly new to Monzo and I think it’s great. I used it on holiday in S Africa without any problem. I downloaded the App on my phone and again used it without issues. However about a month ago the App seemed to change in that I was unable to log in with my security code. It appeared to be a completey new App where I had to register or log in whereas before I only had to put my code in and I don’t know why the change. I went through the motions of logging in and an e mail link was sent to my e mail from this address - so my question is: is this genuine or some kind of phishing attempt? Thank you

Why are you logging in and out of the app so frequently?

To answer your question, yes that email address looks genuine. If the app is trying to get you to register then you’ve not entered the correct email address for your account. It therefore thinks you want to sign up for a new account.

india is the second most populated country and if we can try to launch monzo debit card and all system then success is not much far then

It’s a country that’s pretty reliant on cash though isn’t it? What’s the regulation like there for launching new banks, especially with foreign ownership?

Hello guys.
If I am ordering a new card I will get another account number and sort code too? (UK only)

Youll get a new card number (long one across the front) but your account number and sort code would stay the same


Hi there, I’m new here from another country and my money is tied up in my home country. Will Monzo add the facility to send international money to it in the near future?

Nothing has been announced so I would say it is unlikely :pensive:

Transferwise is what Monzo recommend for the time being.

Thank you. How do I connect with Transferwise?

Hi,hope everyone is doing well.I’m not a expert on media nor using internet banking. I find the use of the card very simple and easy but after 6 months without using it it tells me the pin is wrong !!! On a cash machine. To ask to reveal my pin it’s very difficult and after doing everything I have been asked, the pin view is not available!!! So can’t withdraw money from a cash machine because apparently the it is wrong and Can not view my pin in the app!!! Any help please . Many thanks