Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

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Hey there,
I’m new so it can be possible that my questions will be a bit obvious to some :slight_smile:
I’m moving to London next week (thanks!) and i’m considering to open an Monzo account, i have few questions as i’m not familiar with the banking system in the U.K.

  1. Can my paychecks from work can be transferred to my Monzo account, like any other “conventional bank” ?
  2. Those payment will recognised as paychecks?
  3. I’m moving to a new address 3 weeks, should i wait till then, or, can i give my current address for delivery, and change address later?
  4. Is it possible to deposit cash into my new Monzo account?
  5. Can i use my Monzo account for “standing orders”?
  6. Is Monzo account is legitimate for credit checks/ credit history and so on, like other “conventional banks” ?
  7. The Monzo debit card supplied, is it prepaid, or a “normal” debit card, and what are the limitations of it, like, is the debit cards can be processed as credit card, for Airbnb services like?
  8. Will my Monzo card will have my name on it?
  • Basically i’m trying to figure out if to go online, or the old approach…

Thank you, would love to get your feedback and decide

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Hey there. Answers as follows:

  1. Yes, Monzo is a “conventional bank”
  2. Yes
  3. I’d probably wait. Cards tend to arrive in about 3 days but to be safe and avoid the hassle I’d leave it until you’ve moved. Updating your address is simple and done in the app, so it is entirely up to you.
  4. Yes, at any Paypoint shop
  5. Yes, see #1.
  6. Yes, see #1.
  7. It’s a normal bank card so you can do everything you’d do with a normal debit card
  8. Yes

Here is Monzos FAQ page that should help and give some more details if needed :slight_smile:

(Yoni) #583

Thank you Ordog for your answers,
last one question,
In app, can i switch between my personal account, and my other partner joint account?


You can switch between your Monzo personal account and your Monzo joint account in app, yes. Both you and your partner will need to apply for Monzo personal accounts first, then you can get a joint account which you will both be able to see in your apps.

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No problem @Yoyomat!

@redshift has kindly answered your other question but let us know if you have any others :slight_smile:

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One thing to note is that there is a small charge for paying in cash (£1 per deposit).