Signup process for new users (usability)

(Tom Whitwell) #1

When verifying the email address, there is an ‘open mail app’ button, however, if you do not use the mail app (third party client eg. gmail) this is not helpful.

I’m not that brushed up on iOS development, but is there a way of getting a count of configured email accounts, and don’t show the message, but offer advice to “open your mail client on your phone” instead?


Additionally, it seems that the link does not necessarily open back into the Mondo app once it is clicked in the Gmail app - it takes you off into Chrome and 404-ville.

I believe this is the cause of This tweet.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Tom,
@james can confirm but I’m relatively sure that hitting the Open Mail App button should show you a list of the email apps installed on your phone – we obviously need to make that clearer though :slight_smile: That tweet is specifically referring to desktop Gmail which won’t work for obvious reasons – the whole sign in process is very much a first version and we have lots to improve on :smiley:

(Tom Whitwell) #3

Oh, sorry, i didn’t see the update here. I was sitting next to Martyn when that was written, and I think it was only just because y’all replied so quickly on twitter that the signup was completed - high frustration factor!

The ‘Open Mail App’ button just opened up the default ‘’, and with no accounts already on there, it just gave the option to add a new account.

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yep totally agreed – lots of improvements to do on that end! Interesting about the opening up of the mail app; which mail app(s) do you use out of interest? It might just be one we haven’t added yet which is quite easy to do (I think) :slight_smile: