Can't login - Open Email app doesn't launch email

Can’t log in - I enter my email address and Monzo sends me a verification link. Then I can go no further.

  1. Using the “open email app” button in the Monzo app gives me a white box that says “open email app” and nothing more.

  2. If I open my email app and click on the “Log in to monzo” button I get a brief orange message that says something like "sorry unable to log you in please use… " (there’s more text but the message disappears).

I’ve been a Monzo user for a number of years and never had a problem prior to today. My email app is Fastmail.

Help appreciated.

What I would do to try and resolve this is as follows:

  1. Delete the Monzo app
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Reinstall the Monzo app
  4. Log into the Monzo app
  5. Make sure you open your email on your phone to click the magic link

Hopefully that should do it but if not you’re probably at the extent of our knowledge on here. We’re just customers like you and without detail of app version, OS version and error logs we’re going to struggle.

Calling or emailing Monzo after the above is going to be your best bet :slight_smile:

I’d also recommend deleting all the login emails from monzo today, so you know you’re clicking the lastest one.