Gmail compulsory to sign up?


I downloaded the Android app and entered my Protonmail email account. It then redirected me to a Gmail site and asked me to enter my email and password. I would rather have not have Google anywhere near my banking information. What is going on?

(JackO) #2

Hi Mike, welcome to the community :wave:

There is no need for a gmail account to have a Monzo account.

What you may have experienced is that Monzo forwards you to the email app they think you are using after you signup so that you can easily verify your account.

Have you checked your protonmail account? If you haven’t received an email from them please follow these steps from the FAQ:

(Thomas Horne) #3

ProtonMail user here, it sounds like the default application for emails on your device is set to GMail; the email to login will still arrive in your ProtonMail email.

You can change the default app that will open for emails within you Android devices settings.


Thanks guys I’ll try that.