Signup flow with card number

(James Murray-Ferris) #1


I haven’t received my card yet but I’ve noticed to get the app working I have to enter the 16 digit card number. Is this for security to ensure you have received it?

I’m only wondering as I’m looking at it going surly you already know it since you’re actually going to print my name on the card

More curiosity than anything else


(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #2

Hi James :wave:

Yup, this is just to confirm you’ve got the card we sent out. It would also let you activate a non-personalised card if you received one at an event, instead of through the post.


(Marta) #3

It could be leftover from the prepaid flow but could be also that Monzo doesn’t really know your card number yet. They print a card with your name, put it in an envelope with your address and you’ll do the rest. :wink: Linking card with the account before the card is sent seems like a lot of work, really. :thinking:

(Anthony Lucas) #4

I agree the current flow doesn’t make sense, because a current account shouldn’t require a (or any specific) debit card…

Unless it’s some kind of hack to make sure a bunch of stuff it can’t actually check easily has been prepared for you?

It would have been nice to have begun switching things over, or making payments, standing orders etc. before the card arrived, as a debit card is just an accessory to a current account.

(James Murray-Ferris) #5

I think this was my thinking in why am I entering a card number to activate the current account.

I want to start swapping things in the background in preparation so would be nice to have access to the app so that I can update employeer with Bank details and start swapping DDs and creating the 1 standing order

(James Murray-Ferris) #6

Thanks Nick…as commented in my other reply I think this could be improved to allow us access almost immediately

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #7

because a current account shouldn’t require a (or any specific) debit card…

It doesn’t! :smile: The purpose of asking for the card number here is to activate the card you have in your hand. It could be the one we post out to you which is already tied to your account but isn’t yet active, or it could be a non-personalised card that anyone can activate (like the ones we hand out at events).

(Anthony Lucas) #8

Hey Nick! Thanks for replying.

Hmm is there a reason this couldn’t be done in the app interface, instead of as a modal screen / block to accessing the app?

I guess there will be a different flow for actual release / new customers.


I agree with this, you feel sort of locked out of app until the card arrives. I think it’s something to implement for the future to allow customers to have access to in-app chat at-least.

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #10

Yeah, this definitely makes sense! There’s no reason I’m aware of for blocking access to the rest of the app until you’ve received the card, but I expect we’d want to design a nice onboarding flow to guide new users through the app before doing that.

Out of interest, what reason(s) do you have for wanting access before you have a card?

(James Murray-Ferris) #11

Just to access the sort code and account number. It allows me to get my employer to update salary details, expenses etc. As well as start moving Direct Debits that have already gone out this month ready for my salary move and setup the couple of standing orders I have

(Anthony Lucas) #12

I would have liked to:

  • See my account number and sort code immediately (since I now “have an account”).

    Even better would be to be given them as soon as verification was completed (and maybe via email or a share button to save it somewhere like Google Keep).

    Like with the share the running animation screen.

    Like “These are yours. Welcome”

  • To begin moving money into the account. Or making payments. Debit cards are not the primary way payments are made with a debit account I would think.

  • To see the wonderful app I have signed up for. As this is Monzo’s selling point I believe there should be as few a barriers as possible until people see their new banking home.

    While I can’t get into the app I don’t “feel” like a Monzo customer yet (even though I am).

    I prefer the philosophy that anything that doesn’t have to be done (legally or system-wise) should be skippable and then available when you need it.

(Amelia Ikeda) #13

I definitely feel like the current account should be accessible well before you get ahold of your card, tbh — your account is active, so you should at least be able to see your account number and set up FPS to/from contacts, and move over direct debits, etc :money_with_wings: .

Hunting through API responses to see info on your account because the app wont show you and you want to start moving things over asap is quite painful! :wink:

(Drew sanders) #14

So I’ve gone through the process for a CA and much like above hit a wall.
I fully appreciate that this is still in a ‘trial’ phase.

I’d expect when Monzo move to full CA it will be different that you get an account number straight away, applepay straight away and full access to the app again straightaway.
Let’s hope the card doesn’t take too long to arrive!

(P Burrows) #15

I have signed up for the current account through my invite and everything is all set up. I am a bit disappointed that I cant access the acount until i recieved the card. This seems a but odd, even legacy banks allow access to the account before you have the card.

I also noticed that during the sign up process the short video I had to do had no sound. The example video from the Monzo employee had no sound as well. I checked my volume etc and everyting was fine on my end.

looking forward to getting my card though! :+1:

(Kelvin Williams) #16

I wondered about the sound as well but uploaded after a couple of fails and got a quick favourable verification so didn’t worry. As it’s matching faces it doesn’t need sound but this could be made clear.

(James Murray-Ferris) #17

Is this the verification video you do? It took me to do it twice to realise that actually there is a little speaker icon in one of the corners you have to press to make the sound come out (iOS app)

(Kelvin Williams) #18

I didn’t notice the speaker icon and did look for it. Wonder why the sound is off by default anyway if they require the video unless it’s not wanted.

(P Burrows) #19

yeah i noticed the speaker icon. i watched the monzo example a few times toggling this and it made no difference.

(Kelvin Williams) #20

Just a thought. Wonder if my being on iOS 11 GM made a difference. Can’t check now :wink: