How can I know my account number before receiving the card?

I’ve just signed in and my account has been validated.
I’m know waiting for my card to arrive.
Do you know if there is any way to know my account number and other stuff before receiving the card ? I need this to forward it to my new employer ASAP

Thanks a lot

On the home screen (the one where your transactions will be listed, the first tab on the bottom navigation bar) swipe down. You should see this information in a blue pill shape that replaces the ‘Current Account’ header.

I’m unsure whether you can access this before your card arrives though.


Hi @Baplot & welcome :wave:

@redshift has described the quickest way to see the account details with just a single drag-down

And if you tap on the blue pill when it shows your account details, the ‘Account details’ display is shown which has more details (and the ability to share them)

Alternatively, drag down the transaction feed to reveal the whole card and tap on the ‘Account’ icon underneath the card - this will also take you to the ‘Account details’ display.

As to why there are 2 ways to get there in the same amount of drags & taps? :man_shrugging:

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Hi @davidwalton,

Thanks for your quick reply.
But I fear there is no way to drag down … I’m locked on the page with the pink running credit card with a only button saying “activate my car”
I cannot access to the blue pill or to the transaction feed …

Thanks for your help

Hmm… it’s so long since I had access to the app prior to activating my initial card I can’t remember what it looks like!

Another way may work though;

On your phone, use a web-browser to go to & tap on ‘Continue to login’.
You’ll then be sent a magic link to your email account - open the email on the phone using the phone’s email app and tap on the magic link. You’ll then be given access to the limited info. web-page which shows your account basics - the account# and sort code (which will be 04-00-04) will be shown :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @davidwalton

Unfortunately this one doesn’t work either … I followed the process but at the end I can only freeze my card or ask support. I cannot access my account.

Try asking support, they might be able to give it to you

If you have a credit card, you may need to know your account number to pay your bill or to access your information.

Hey @Baplot :wave:

Welcome to Monzo! Drop us a message in the in app chat and we’ll be able to give this information to you.

To find our in app chat, select ‘Help’ in the bottom right corner. Then scroll to the bottom and you should see the option to ‘Chat with us’ :mag:

Hi @RossyS

Thanks for your reply but in the App I cannot access anything.
I’m locked down with the only button at the bottom : “activate my card”. Can I access to the chat through my laptop ?


How odd :see_no_evil: Can you see the bottom 3 tabs, they should say ‘Home’, ‘Payment’ & ‘Help’?

You can only access the chat through the in app chat I’m afraid!

Have you got a screenshot.

Your card won’t take long to arrive, when did you sign up?

Hi @RossyS,

No I see only the “activate my card”.
Let me show you the screenshot

I activated it 2 days ago but I would need the accout details asap and with the virus I’m not sure the car will arrive early next week …

Hi ,

Did you opt for the “adding your card to the digital wallet” when you set up your account? Ie apple pay or google pay.

I think you are getting this screen because you never opted for the digital card to use straight away?

I could be wrong but it would make sense if this was the case.

Just double checked with someone and turns out you can’t get past this screen until your activate your card - my mistake here!

If you give Monzo all call on 0800 802 1281, we’ll be able to give you these details over the phone :+1:

There may be a delay in your delivery for obvious COVID19 reasons but shouldn’t be to far over the maximum 5 days we usually set :sparkles:


Problem solved !
After uninstall and reinstall the app, I got access to some notifications which let me go through the app and everything you mentioned before.
Thanks all


Hello! I have the same issue. I need to know my account number but am locked in card activation on the app. What can I do?

Contact Monzo or wait. Or do what the person above you did.

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