Have card, app says it will send one

(Stuart Hollands) #1

Have just activated card through the Android app, and am at the ‘credit £100’ screen. However this says that once that is done you will send me a card… What gives?

For reference I got the card at a talk today.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

You will need to credit your account & finish the signup process, then you’ll get to a queuing screen & at that point, you can swipe left with 3 fingers on the screen, to activate your card :zap:

PS - Once you’ve activated your card, it would be great to hear your user number - Monzo must have over 180k users by now :chart_with_upwards_trend:

And then I can stop harassing you on Twitter :wink:

(Stuart Hollands) #4

Not correct! I have already done the three finger jive and added in the bottom left card ID number. THEN it asks for money. I don’t want to put money on only to be sent another card. It all seems a bit confused.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Ok it sounds like you’re seeing the standard instructions then - obviously most users won’t have done the 3 finger swipe - so I’d just credit the money (you’re not paying for the card there, just depositing the funds), as you’re going to have to do that in order to activate your account anyway.

If you do get sent another card, give it to someone else :raised_hands: but I’m sure you won’t…

And yes, you’re right that it could be clearer :slight_smile:

(Sam Watkin) #8

Hey @Stooza not sure if you got this fixed already, but you should go through the signup process as normal, and then when it says a card is on the way, you can just tap to say your card has already arrived :tada:

This will cancel the order on our side so you don’t end up with two cards :blush:

And of course, if you’re not at the top of the queue, drop me a DM and I’ll sort this out for you :credit_card::dash:

(Stuart Hollands) #9

All sorted, thanks. Simple enough really, even though the instructions could still be a little clearer.