Show roundup total vs text on Feed

Is the ‘roundup’ text new?
Would be good if showed roundup amount.

That’s always been there. You could add this to the app evolution thread perhaps as it’s a good suggestion

App Evolution: now in Monzo Labs!

Tap the transaction and it does. It used to be separate but now it’s all together.

That just opens the transaction?

The roundup amount is on that screen but you have to scroll to get to it.

I like this idea of including it in the subtext below the total amount.

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Below the flex box.

One of us isn’t understanding the other :shark:

OP’s screenshot is of the feed, no roundup amounts there. I said tap the transaction, which is where your screenshot is from?

Maybe it’s because I used a new paragraph? :man_facepalming:

Not sure where the misunderstanding is otherwise, because it makes sense to me! :laughing:

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It’s the first time I’ve had ‘round up’ in my feed!

It’s possible it went for a while in the new design changes, but that has always been there for me, over the years.

I agree that it would be cool to see the totals vs the amount. I’ve put this under feedback and ideas too so folk can vote etc.

I also hope you don’t mind but I tweaked the title to show what the suggestion was, so that others can find this in future if they’re wanting this too (and can vote on your idea)