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Please could we split the Expenditure that is shown as a running daily summary on the home screen to show what had been spent and then a secondary entry for any pot expenditure i.e. for rounding up etc. This is really bugging me.

I have a ‘save the change’ pot which rounds up my spend which is great but I’ve just been to Asda and spent £2.65 but it’s showing as Asda - £3. Why can’t there be an entry for Asda for £2.65 and then right after an entry for £0.35 for my savings pot.

This just makes it so much simpler to see and understand where and what I’ve spent and where its all gone and it’s all there right in front of me. (I know I can click on it but I just want to see it there on the screen).

Hopefully this makes sense and someone agrees ?

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Sort of agree…

I’d like to see the ‘£3’ but with a ‘note’ style bit underneath (smaller text) showing those details. In my head it’s one transaction…

But yeah a clearer picture of this could be useful.

(Sam Williams) #3

I totally agree with you on this, there should be two line items (transactions) as Asda did not get £3, they got x amount then the pot took the rest. I have not tested, but how does it look within the Summary pages? Does it mess with the category analysis?

(Colin Robinson) #4

A bit like the way dozens are doing it?


I like that, organised, clear and simple, you can easily see how much has been spent in the pharmacy and how much is sent to the ‘round-up’ savings. That works just fine

For me at the moment I’ve just found a simple work around, i used the IFFF feed that’s available to round up my purchases to the nearest £1, which is what I had previously, I then switched off the feature in my savings pot and after trying it, I now get 2 entries, one for the sale then a 2nd for the round-up savings making it clearer.

Looking at both my work around and the pharmacy sample above, the above would look much nicer in the app, so I definitely agreed with all that this type of view would work well and look great.

Any thoughts and please vote above

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(Andy Roberts) #6

Yeah, I agree that it needs to be clearer, but as suggested I’d rather it was a clear note on the same transaction line (as per the example posted above) rather than having two transaction lines for every single purchase I make.

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Sure. That looks good to me! (don’t use Dozens but that looks great).

(MikeF) #8

I’d say it’s unlikely to change. The original two transaction implementation really cluttered the feed up with tiny value pot transfers and quite a number of people really didn’t like it.

What we have now is the current solution to that issue so I doubt that this change will be undone any time soon.

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Was this in a previous design?

(Nathan) #10

Many moons ago yes

(MikeF) #11


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(Peter Shillito) #12

Oh dear. I remember my feed getting littered with coin jar notifications, I certainly don’t want to go back to that. However, the Dozens way of doing things by showing both amounts looks like a good compromise, but it does lose some of the “out of sight out of mind” mentality when I can save naturally and not really be aware of how much is going in there every transaction.

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Yeah I think the ‘Dozens’ design is the best compromise (although maybe put the £3 in the total as per now, and just have the £0.26) in the smaller text?? I dunno).


The original idea was to show how much I’ve actually spent in a store and then underneath in smaller writing will be how much is going into my savings pot. Just makes it simple and clean but I would really like to know how much I have actually spend out and not the total which includes money that is still mine (in a pot)